Due to the large number of qualified proposals received over this last application cycle, Global Fund for Women will not be opening for applications for general support grants again until 2015. Please continue to check the website regarding the new dates. Thank you.


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Grant Cycle

Grant decisions are made twice each year, with defined deadlines as listed below:

Cycle One

Proposal Intake: beginning September 15 and closing December 15.
Application review and grant approval process completed by mid-May.
Applicants notified of award or decline by May 31st.

Cycle Two

Proposal Intake: beginning mid-March and closing June 30th.
Application review and grant approval process completed by mid-November.
Applicants notified of award or decline by November 30th.

Global Fund for Women Review Process

The Global Fund's grantmaking process is an international collaborative effort that was designed by our staff, Advisors, Board of Directors, and most importantly, by grantees themselves.

When our office receives a proposal, the staff reviews it, logs it into our computer system, and makes an initial decision about how closely the request fits the Global Fund's grantmaking criteria. Groups whose programs do not share the Fund's criteria are notified promptly so that they may pursue other sources of funding.

We may ask you for additional information to complete our revision process.

In every support cycle, a descriptive list of proposals under review is produced to solicit comments from our network of Global Fund Advisors. On the basis of these responses, the staff reconsiders each request for funding within the constraints of regional grantmaking budgets. We often seek input from grantees and other contacts in areas where we do not have formal Advisors. If the group's proposal is complete, recommended by an Advisor or someone we trust, and appears to share our criteria, the staff prepares recommendations for review, discussion, and approval by our Board of Directors. The recommendations include descriptions of the group's goals, activities, structure, financial situation, and the request at hand, as well as larger issues about the context that the proposal may raise.

After a grant is approved, the staff promptly informs the group.

How to Apply Online

Step 1 - Create User Account

To use the Global Fund for Women online grants application, your group must create a user account. You can use this account any time you want to apply for a grant from the Global Fund for Women.

  • We will first ask you to answer a few questions to help us determine if your group meets our basic grant criteria.
  • Next you will be asked for your group’s basic contact information, including a user name and password for your user account.

Step 2 - Start Grant Application

After creating your user account, you will be able to log into the Application Center, where you can start, submit, and track your grant applications.

  • To start a grant application, click on “New Grant Application” on your application center home page.
  • In your new grant application, you will be asked to briefly answer a series of questions so we can better understand your work.
  • As you enter information, click 'Save changes' frequently to be sure that your answers are saved. When you are finished with one page, click 'Save and Continue' to go to the next. This protects your work during long sessions and allows you to log in multiple times to work on your application.
  • If you wish, you may upload up to three additional documents (such as budgets, recommendation letters, or reports) to include with your application.

Step 3 - Submit Grant Application

Once you have answered all questions for your application, you can submit your grants application to the Global Fund for Women directly through the online system.

  • You can review the full application on Page 4 on your grant application.
  • Click on the “Submit Application” button to send us your completed application.
  • You will receive email confirmation that your application has been received.
  • Within three weeks, you will receive an additional confirmation email from the Global Fund for Women that will include your Grant Request number.

Wondering About Your Grant Application?

If you used our online application form, you can always check the current status of your grant application by logging into the Application Center and going to the Application list page. Here you will find updated information about any actions that have been taken with your grant application.