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Reaching out to our advisors and grantees around the world through site visits and regional conferences is a key component of the Global Fund’s grantmaking. By visiting local women’s rights activists, we experience the work of women’s groups first-hand, share strategies and expertise face-to-face and build trust and respect.

Haiti: Rising Above the Rubble

Last month, the Americas program team traveled to Haiti for grantee perspective on ways to strengthen the women's rights movement in Haiti. View the slideshow below, and listen to important excerpts from their report back.


Rebuilding Humanity, Social Fabrics and Movements in Post-Conflict Settings: Reflections from Liberia and Sierra Leone

June 2010

Muadi Mukenge, GFW Program Director for Sub-Saharan Africa, traveled to Sierra Leone and Liberia in West Africa for 19 days in June and will share an update on her learnings from women's rights groups as the two countries rebuild after over a decade of war.  The itinerary included grantee convenings and in-depth conversations with a range of grantees, program beneficiaries, government officials, and potential grantees, as well as visits to rural communities.

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Uninspired Leadership and Undignified Citizenship —Uganda & Congo (DR)

uganda_thumbSeptember 2008

Muadi Mukenge, Global Fund's Regional Director of the Africa region, went on an outreach trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. Read her account of the trip, where she shares her chilling insights on the ongoing crises in these two countries.

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indonesia_thumbJanuary 2008

Dechen Tsering, Global Fund’s Program Officer for Asia and Oceania visited grantees in Indonesia. One of the trip’s objectives was also to assess the Aceh Women’s Trust Fund, a Global Fund grantee established in response to the devastation experienced by local women in the aftermath of the 2004 Tsunami and additionally facing military strife.

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Global Fund Learns First Hand About the Women's Movement in Colombia and Ecuador

colombia_thumbJanuary 2008

Erika Guevara Rosas, Global Fund Program Officer for the Americas, spent two weeks with Global Fund grantees in Colombia and Ecuador.

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