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1 Wedding Crashers Shine a Spotlight on Child Marriage
2 Meenu's True Story of Girl Power in India
3 Haiyan: Women Face Long Road to Recovery
4 Our Bodies. Our Rights.
5 Global Fund for Women's Position on Trafficking and Sex Work
6 For Women, UN Arms Trade Treaty is Just the Beginning
7 Your Signature Delivered to the UN
8 10 Favorite Quotes for International Women's Day
9 Hillary’s Legacy: Women and Girls Take A Front Seat
10 Tale of Two Techies
11 Global Fund for Women Condemns Violence in Delhi
12 Rising Stars: Women Spark Small Business Boom
13 Meet the Now Generation
14 Coming Into Her Own
15 Meet the Now Generation
16 Mothers in Action
17 Breaking Through: Gender Equality in Asia & the Pacific
18 High-Heeled Human Rights Defenders
19 Challenging Military, Safeguarding Women
20 Bold and Defiant
21 Building a Safe Haven
22 And Still We Rise: Stories from our Annual Report
23 Flex Your Tech
24 Key Women’s Voices Missing from Clinton’s Speech
25 Women Help Promote a Just Global Economy
26 After the Floods: Women Rebuilding Pakistan
27 Changing Spaces: Civic Leadership
28 The IMF: Violating Women since 1945
29 From Chernobyl, Lessons for Maternal Health in Japan
30 Making I.T. Our Own: ISIS International Empowers Women Through I.T.
31 Our Bodies, Our Choices: Funding Reproductive Rights Globally
32 Re-energized by Transnational Feminist Exchanges
33 Funding a Global Movement to End Violence Against Women
34 Women Donors Network Learning Circle
35 Global Fund Celebrates Aung San Suu Kyi's Release
36 Where No Funders Go: $1.5 Million for Women's Human Rights
37 Build Infrastructure, Not Bases
38 More Troops Alone Won't Help Afghan Women
39 Violence Against Women Is No Rationale for Military Violence
40 Guahan Coalition for Peace and Justice | Guam/Guahan
41 Another World is On Her Way
42 Asia & Oceania: Building Solidarity
43 Education: Afghan Institute of Learning
44 The Women of Pakistan Thank You
45 On Labor Day: Making Visible Women Workers’ Struggles
46 Global Fund Voices on Three Radio Shows on Pacifica Airwaves
47 Floods and Feminism: The Plight of Pakistan's Women
48 We Refuse to Be Enemies
49 Update from Our Grantee Partners in Pakistan
50 Kolkata Sanved: Dancing is a Part of the Movement!
51 Kavita Ramdas on the Recent TIME Cover
52 From Techphobe to Tech-realist: Technology As an Ally of Human Rights
53 GFW in Solidarity with Flood-Affected Communities in Pakistan
54 GFW's Advisory Council Highlighted in Fast Company Blog
55 Dangerous Waters in Korea: Christine Ahn in the New York Times
56 Queering Chennai: My Experiences of Pride Home and Taking Pride in Being Home!
57 Global Fund for Women Awards $1.89 million to Women’s Groups in 67 Countries
58 Why We Need a U.S.-Based Feminist Anti-Militarism Movement
59 Spotlight Afghanistan: Activist Sakena Yacoobi
60 Reclaiming Peace: Manipur Mothers Defy Militarism | Video
61 Prison Perspectives: Reflecting on Mu Sochua’s Arrest
62 Sex Worker Rights are Human Rights
63 Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network: Mothers Defy Militarism
64 Mu Sochua Wins Human Rights Award
65 Board Member Sakena Yacoobi on NPR: Islamic Feminists Transforming the Middle East
66 Earth Day Action: Demand Halt of Military Build-up in Guam
67 GFW Awards $1.6 Million to Women’s Groups in 58 Countries
68 From California to Cambodia Fighting for Women: Former Board Member Mu Sochua In the New York Times
69 State of the World’s Women: Christine Ahn and Anasuya Sengupta in Foreign Policy in Focus
70 Taking on the Challenge...
71 Islamic Protestors Force Evacuation of ILGA Conference Participants in Surabaya
72 Women Moving Millions Campaign and Afghan Institute of Learning on ABC News
73 GFW Condemns Intimidation of Sisters in Islam
74 Updates from Fiji: Aftermath of Cyclone Tomas
75 Former Board Member and Cambodian Crusader Bids for Re-election
76 Former Board Member, Mu Sochua, Profiled in The New York Times
77 GFW Awards $1.48 Million to Women's Groups
78 Sometimes Change is About Who Washes the Dishes: GFW's MDG3 Goals
79 2009 Wins for Women
80 Celebrating 30 Years of CEDAW: From San Francisco to Sao Paulo
81 Women’s Voices: Drowned Out in the Climate Change Talks?
82 From Kawangware to Xi’an: Reflections On World AIDS Day
83 Snapshots: How Rural Indian Women Are Carving Their Future
84 Bloggers Remember TEDIndia: The Good, the Bad and the Quirky
85 Musings on TED India
86 The Ten Conditions of Love
87 Pardoned: For What?
88 Mongolian Women: Undaunted by Adversity
89 Mu Sochua: You Can’t Fight Injustice Halfway
90 Sustainable Social Change: Our Commitment to the Women’s Movement
91 Elections Alone Won't Help Afghan Women: Kavita Ramdas in
92 Time for Diplomacy with North Korea: Global Fund's Christine Ahn on KQED
93 Grantee Partner and Kavita Ramdas Cited in The Nation Op-ed About Military Presence in Afghanistan
94 Those Crafty Arts
95 Popular Indian Magazine Features Inspiring Interview With GFW's Kavita Ramdas
96 Women Cab Drivers: Trailblazing In the Unlikeliest Places
97 GFW's Soon to be Program Officer Publicly Recognized by Hillary Clinton in Delhi
98 Global Fund Demands Justice for Cambodian Board Member Mu Sochua
99 India's Stonewall? Delhi Court Decriminalizes "Sodomy" Law Against Homosexuality
100 India’s Stonewall? Delhi Court Decriminalizes ‘Sodomy’ Law Against Homosexuality
101 Pride Celebrations Sri Lanka Style
102 Burma – Festering Wound in Southeast Asia
103 Burma: Festering Wound in Southeast Asia
104 Education: The Difference between Choice and Opportunity
105 North Korea: Path to Journalists Freedom Paved by Diplomacy
106 Sex slaves' crusader battles pimps, credit crisis
107 GFW Program Associate Speaks Out Against iPhone App
108 Update on Mu Sochua to our Supporters Courtesy: Vital Voices
109 As I Walk to Prison: A Letter From GFW Board Member Mu Sochua
110 Global Fund for Women Awards $1.8 Million to Women's Groups
111 Now or Never Fund: Philanthropy Rising to the Challenge
112 Global Fund for Women Challenges Militarism
113 Dutch Government Invests in Women's Empowerment
114 Out for Justice
115 Young Women at AWID: Sowing a Multi-Generational Movement
116 Slumdog Millionnaire: Read A Local Activist and GFW Supporter's Critique
117 SF Chronicle Article on Nepal Highlights How a Local Activist is Challenging Indentured Labor
118 Board Member Sakena Yacoobi Wins the Kravis Prize
119 Huffington Post Article on the Chinese Invasion of California Legislature
120 Kavita Ramdas On The Pink Chaddis Campaign: Feminist Magazine Radio Show
121 Build Infrastructure Not Bases: Board Member Sakena Yacoobi Interview In FPIF
122 Twenty Years of Investing in Women | Video
123 December Grant Cycle: Over $1.6 million Awarded To Groups in 55 Countries
124 Huffington Post: Open Letter to President Obama By Eve Ensler, Kavita Ramdas, Zainab Salbi
125 The Nation Magazine Blogs on Afghanistan: Interview with Kavita Ramdas
126 SF Chronicle Op-Ed on the Global Gag Rule by GFW Vice President Shalini Nataraj
127 GFW Highlighted in Anna Quindlen's Newsweek Column
128 Global Fund for Women Awards Over $1.7 Million To 121 Groups In 60 Countries
129 Globalization Is Further Marginalizing Communities Already On The Fringe: Taiwanese Grantee
130 Indonesia
131 Malalai Joya: Bravest Woman of Afghanistan?
132 GFW Grantee Founder/Director Gets Elected To Nepali Parliament As First Openly Gay Representative
133 Global Fund grantee ARROW releases a dynamic report on Sexual and Reproductive Health
134 Womens eNews recognizes Van Anh Nguyen
135 Global Fund's Board Member Mayan Villalba Wins Entrepreneurship Award
136 Global Fund Board Member Mu Sochua honored in remarkable documentary play
137 Nepal's Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Gay Rights
138 Papua New Guinean grantee wins prestigious UNDP award
139 GAATW Conference Reviews Impact of Anti-Trafficking Work!
140 Pakistani Grantees Resist The Emergency!
141 An Urgent Update On Burma!
142 The Chance to be Free
143 Now or Never Fund Update
144 Pakistani Women Struggle for Their Rights
145 New Births, New Hope From Afghanistan
146 Surviving the Tsunami
147 Tsunami in the Solomon Islands
148 Outer Voices
149 Bringing Women into Cambodian Politics
150 Celebration in Nepal
151 Kickboxing Against Violence in Hong Kong
152 Lifting Up Tibet's Women
153 Hope Blooms in the Desert
154 Stories of Sanghar
155 Afghan Grantee on NPR
156 The Tsunami Learning Project
157 A Discussion of Islamic Feminism
158 Women in Islam
159 Women and War
160 Legacy of Conflict: Women's Rights in Vietnam and Cambodia
161 Global Fund for Women Responds to Tsunami: Awards Over $50,000 Directly to Women's Organizations