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1 More Violence Not the Answer for Syria
2 Egyptian Women Want Democracy Not "Ballotocracy"
3 Firsthand Account of Violence in Istanbul
4 Global Fund for Women's Position on Trafficking and Sex Work
5 25th Anniversary Gala
6 For Women, UN Arms Trade Treaty is Just the Beginning
7 Your Signature Delivered to the UN
8 10 Favorite Quotes for International Women's Day
9 Hillary’s Legacy: Women and Girls Take A Front Seat
10 Meet the Now Generation
11 Meet the Now Generation
12 Reinforcing Her Fight
13 Citizens Anew and Grantees Too
14 How will Egyptian Election Results Impact Women?
15 Amplifying their Voice
16 Electing change
17 Ask Questions, Incite Peace
18 And Still We Rise: Stories from our Annual Report
19 Revolution is Possible
20 Feminism After 9/11
21 Geek Out with Lebanon’s Geekettes
22 Changing Spaces: Civic Leadership
23 Our Bodies, Our Choices: Funding Reproductive Rights Globally
24 Re-energized by Transnational Feminist Exchanges
25 Women and Social Change in the Middle East and North Africa
26 Funding a Global Movement to End Violence Against Women
27 Standing in Solidarity with the People of Egypt
28 GFW Among The Nation's Top Ten Picks
29 Where No Funders Go: $1.5 Million for Women's Human Rights
30 The Organization for Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) | Iraq
31 Another World is On Her Way
32 Turkish Feminists Link Academics and Activists to Eradicate Violence
33 Middle East & North Africa: Documenting Her-Stories
34 Economic Justice: Collective for Research and Training on Development-Action
35 Work Diaries: Reflections from a Young Feminist on Activist Burnout
36 Global Fund for Women Awards $1.89 million to Women’s Groups in 67 Countries
37 Spotlight Afghanistan: Activist Sakena Yacoobi
38 What happened to us is happening in Gaza
39 Movement Spotlight: The Future of Arab Feminism
40 Young Arab Feminists Blog!
41 GFW Awards $1.6 Million to Women’s Groups in 58 Countries
42 An Iraqi-American Votes in America
43 Targeting of Iranian Feminists Continues
44 GFW Awards $1.48 Million to Women's Groups
45 Biking for Women's Rights: Donor Catherine Hardee
46 Celebrating 30 Years of CEDAW: From San Francisco to Sao Paulo
47 16 Days Campaign Spotlight: KAFA, Lebanon
48 My Jerusalem, Yesterday Night: A Blog Series, Part II
49 My Jerusalem, Yesterday Night: A Blog Series
50 Pardoned: For What?
51 “Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere”: Why Cynthia McKinney's Palestine Activism Resonates With Me
52 Mary Robinson to be Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom
53 Those Crafty Arts
54 When your World Speaks to my World
55 Education: The Difference between Choice and Opportunity
56 Global Fund for Women Awards $1.8 Million to Women's Groups
57 Out for Justice
58 Global Fund for Women Challenges Militarism
59 Young Women at AWID: Sowing a Multi-Generational Movement
60 Freedom and Equality Remain The Aim Of Our Struggles: Letter From An Iraqi Feminist Activist
61 Dateline Beirut: Lebanese LGBT Activists Protest Discrimination And Homophobia
62 Kavita Ramdas Blogs From Cairo
63 Board Member Sakena Yacoobi Wins the Kravis Prize
64 GFW Advisor Shares Chilling Account Of Atrocities In Gaza
65 Women's Organizations Defend Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi’s Rights
66 Huffington Post: Open Letter to President Obama By Eve Ensler, Kavita Ramdas, Zainab Salbi
67 SF Chronicle Op-Ed on the Global Gag Rule by GFW Vice President Shalini Nataraj
68 Stop The Killing: Global Fund for Women Demands an Immediate End to the Violence in Gaza
69 Malalai Joya: Bravest Woman of Afghanistan?
70 Global Fund for Women Awards $2 million to 138 International Grassroots Women's Rights Organizations
71 The War Against Iraqi Women
72 Global Fund Donor Reflects On Morocco
73 Notes from Morocco Of A Young, Unwavering, Vibrant Feminism!
74 Ear to the Ground: Young Women's Dialogues At AWID
75 Message of Solidarity from Our Sister Group in Iraq for International Women's Day
76 Read a Palestinian grantee's newsletter
77 Stop Violence Against Women in Saudi Arabia!
78 Iraqi Grantee on CNN
79 Update from Lebanon
80 Nobel Women's Initiative
81 Now or Never Fund Update
82 Help Us End Honor Killing in Iraq
83 Katha Pollitt on Iraqi Women
84 Women in the Gulf
85 $2 Million Awarded in Grants
86 Is Al Sarafiya bridge Sunni or Shi'ite?
87 New Births, New Hope From Afghanistan
88 Promising Democracy, Imposing Theocracy
89 Women's Rights During Wartime
90 What Has Changed in Iraq?
91 Home and Exile in Queer Experience
92 Update from Kuwait
93 Iranian Women Activists Arrested
94 From Iraq: Our Struggle Continues
95 Iraqi Politics Exploit Women's Sufferings
96 Sexual and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies
97 Afghan Grantee on NPR
98 A Discussion of Islamic Feminism
99 United Nations' International Day of Disabled Persons
100 Equality in Iraq
101 Women and War
102 Emergency Relief Funds Granted to Assist Displaced Lebanese Women and Children
103 Global Fund for Women Announces Largest Endowment Ever for Women Around the World
104 Global Fund for Women Assesses Needs of Women in North Africa and Middle East
105 Snapshots from the Middle East and North Africa
106 GFW Board Member Sakena Yacoobi Honored with Largest International Women's Rights
107 Call for Peace and Human Security