Article List

# Item Title
1 Winter of Discontent, Ukrainian Women Lead Dissent
2 Why Do You Support a Woman's Right to Choose?
3 Global Fund for Women Condemns Violence in Delhi
4 Building Real Progress
5 Around the World and Back Again
6 Something to Celebrate
7 Fostering Social Change Philanthropy
8 GFW Statement on the Murder of Marisela Escobedo Ortiz
9 Women Donors Network Learning Circle
10 Violence Against Women Is No Rationale for Military Violence
11 The Women of Pakistan Thank You
12 Rebuilding Humanity, Social Fabrics and Movements in Post-Conflict Settings: Reflections from Liberia and Sierra Leone
13 Haiti: Rising Above the Rubble
14 Prioritize Women’s Leadership in Rebuilding Haiti
15 Letter from the President
16 Uninspired Leadership and Undignified Citizenship —Uganda & Congo (DR)
17 Indonesia
18 Global Fund Learns First Hand About the Women's Movement in Colombia and Ecuador
19 Global Fund grantee ARROW releases a dynamic report on Sexual and Reproductive Health
20 GAATW Conference Reviews Impact of Anti-Trafficking Work!
21 United Nations' International Day of Disabled Persons
22 Women in Transition: Outreach to the Caucasus
23 Legacy of Conflict: Women's Rights in Vietnam and Cambodia
24 Snapshots from the Middle East and North Africa
25 Seeds of Change: Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa
26 Girls Hold the Solutions
27 Father, Teacher, Donor
28 What to Expect When You Invest
29 A Beacon of Nonviolent Resistance
30 Key Women’s Voices Missing from Clinton’s Speech
31 Ensuring Economic and Environmental Justice
32 Look to Women to End Conflict in Kyrgyzstan
33 More Troops Alone Won't Help Afghan Women
34 How You Can Help
35 Women In Black | Serbia
36 Update from Our Grantee Partners in Pakistan
37 Recognizing Donors to GFW's Haiti Crisis Fund
38 Looking Back, Moving Forward: Reflections on the 54th Session of CSW and Beijing+15
39 Out for Justice
40 Ear to the Ground: Young Women's Dialogues At AWID
41 Read a Palestinian grantee's newsletter
42 Inter-American Commission on Nicaragua's Abortion Ban
43 Wedding Crashers Shine a Spotlight on Child Marriage
44 Haiyan: Women Face Long Road to Recovery
45 Who First Taught You About Sex and Pregnancy?
46 25th Anniversary Gala
47 Watch for the Swinging Pendulum
48 Building a Safe Haven
49 Behind Our Voices
50 The Gift of Sisterhood on 9/11
51 Increasing Access to Education
52 Guahan Coalition for Peace and Justice | Guam/Guahan
53 Americas: Rising from the Rubble
54 Haiti Earthquake Update
55 GFW Marks March 8th Highlighting Women's Human Rights: Media Round-Up
56 Uninspired Leadership, Undignified Citizenship
57 Playing Political Catch-Up: Kavita Ramdas in the Huffington Post
58 Meenu's True Story of Girl Power in India
59 Women's Safety A Concern For Zimbabwe Elections
60 Ask Questions, Incite Peace
61 Flex Your Tech
62 Building Critical Connections Between Women in Colombia and United States
63 Expanding Civic and Political Participation
64 Build Infrastructure, Not Bases
65 Middle East & North Africa: Documenting Her-Stories
66 Impact Report: Democratic Republic of Congo
67 Updates from CSW (Commission on the Status Women)
68 Global Fund for Women Challenges Militarism
69 Goldman Sachs Trader Blogs About Global Fund Impact
70 Nobel Women's Initiative - Peace Alone Deserves The Chance!
71 Girls in Malawi Will Marry When They Want
72 More Violence Not the Answer for Syria
73 Board Member Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka appointed UN Women Executive Director
74 The President of the United States Will Decide Women's Choice Globally
75 Seeds of Change: Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa
76 Preserving Women’s Force
77 Making History
78 Building Peace and Ending Gender-Based Violence
79 What the World Must Know About the Congo
80 The Organization for Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) | Iraq
81 Sub-Saharan Africa: Ensuring Accountability
82 Financial Times Calls for 30% Women on Boards: Guest Blogger Jacki Zehner
83 Now or Never Fund: Philanthropy Rising to the Challenge
84 Message of Solidarity from Our Sister Group in Iraq for International Women's Day
85 Pakistani Grantees Resist The Emergency!
86 The Untold Story of the Ukrainian Revolution
87 What It Takes to End FGM
88 Egyptian Women Want Democracy Not "Ballotocracy"
89 Global Fund for Women's Position on Trafficking and Sex Work
90 Why Dr. Mukwege is Vital to the Women's Rights Movement
91 Rising Stars: Women Spark Small Business Boom
92 Breaking Through: Gender Equality in Asia & the Pacific
93 Bold and Defiant
94 The Power is in the Diversity
95 GFW and Partners Gain Momentum in U.S.-Based Lawsuit
96 Advancing Health and Sexual and Reproductive Rights
97 Save Somali Women and Children (SSWC) | Kenya & Somalia
98 Asia & Oceania: Building Solidarity
99 Sex Worker Rights are Human Rights
100 Sometimes There's Justice, Sometimes There's Just Us
101 Dutch Government Invests in Women's Empowerment
102 Triple Tragedy for Women Victims of Rape and Sexual Violence in Eastern DRC
103 Good News from a Sister Organization
104 Girls in Mexico Say No to Machismo
105 Firsthand Account of Violence in Istanbul
106 For Women, UN Arms Trade Treaty is Just the Beginning
107 We Delivered Your Signatures
108 Meet the Now Generation
109 We’re fed up!
110 Revolution is Possible
111 Making I.T. Our Own: ISIS International Empowers Women Through I.T.
112 Global Fund Triple Award Winner
113 Europe & Central Asia: Breaking Out of the Margins
114 Spotlight Afghanistan: Activist Sakena Yacoobi
115 Former Board Member and Cambodian Crusader Bids for Re-election
116 Burma: Festering Wound in Southeast Asia
117 Young Women at AWID: Sowing a Multi-Generational Movement
118 Balkan Women Build Bridges for Peace
119 Stop Violence Against Women in Saudi Arabia!
120 A Discussion of Islamic Feminism
121 Our Bodies. Our Rights.
122 Hillary’s Legacy: Women and Girls Take A Front Seat
123 Apoyando el Cambio en el Encuentro Feminista
124 My Only Clan is Womanhood
125 Runs in the Family
126 From Chernobyl, Lessons for Maternal Health in Japan
127 A New Generation of Lithuanian Women’s Activism
128 An Urgent Update On Burma!
129 The Tsunami Learning Project
130 Holding the Line in Poland
131 Your Signature Delivered to the UN
132 Contraception Revisited, Again?
133 Supporting Change at the Feminist Encuentro
134 Electing change
135 GFW Celebrates Women's History Month
136 Kenyan Women Resist Post-Election Violence
137 Grantees Concerned over SoCal Wildfires
138 Ending the Year on a Sweet Note
139 Driving the Revolution
140 Free Your Gift
141 And Still We Rise: Stories from our Annual Report
142 Feminism After 9/11
143 Haiti: What You Can Do To Help Women and Children
144 Women Mourn As A Right-Wing YES Ushers CAFTA Into Costa Rica
145 Taking Back the Tech
146 Rio+20: A Blind Eye Towards Women
147 Challenging Military, Safeguarding Women
148 Women Help Promote a Just Global Economy
149 After the Floods: Women Rebuilding Pakistan
150 Reflections on Haiti
151 Global Fund's Board Member Mayan Villalba Wins Entrepreneurship Award
152 Tostan Wins The Hilton Humanitarian Prize
153 Roma Women Ditch the Script
154 Breaking the Silence
155 Wayuu Women's Power: A Field Report from Colombia
156 Haitian Grantee: “I Survived”
157 India's Stonewall? Delhi Court Decriminalizes "Sodomy" Law Against Homosexuality
158 Update From Hurricane-Devastated Nicaragua
159 Nicaraguan Women Protest Abortion Ban
160 10 Favorite Quotes for International Women's Day
161 How will Egyptian Election Results Impact Women?
162 Rebuilding Communities
163 Another World is On Her Way
164 More Updates From Haiti
165 Audience Member's Response to Trade
166 This Little Piggy Changed the World
167 Amplifying their Voice
168 Remembering Patsy Preston
169 Violeta Krasnic: Our Time is Now!
170 Kavita Ramdas Blogs From Cairo
171 Nepal's Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Gay Rights
172 Costa Ricans Resist The Wrath Of CAFTA
173 Tale of Two Techies
174 Looking to a Weapon-Free Future
175 See War Through the Eyes of Women
176 Statement by Guatemalan Women's Consortium
177 Historic Declaration On The Rights of Indigenous Peoples Passed!
178 Equality in Iraq
179 Remembering Marisela Escobedo Ortiz
180 Nicaraguan Law Plays Havoc with Reproductive Rights
181 Dateline Beirut: Lebanese LGBT Activists Protest Discrimination And Homophobia
182 900 Girls in Zimbabwe Speak Out
183 End Sexual Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo
184 An Inspiring "Sweet 16" Birthday Party!
185 Landing With Courage
186 "Situation is Critical” - Kyrgyz Sisters Nurgul Djanaeva and Anna Kirey Write
187 Freedom and Equality Remain The Aim Of Our Struggles: Letter From An Iraqi Feminist Activist
188 Stop The Killing: Global Fund for Women Demands an Immediate End to the Violence in Gaza
189 Peruvian grantees' update on the earthquake
190 Ugandan Women Light Torch for Peace
191 Missing But Not Forgotten
192 Changing Spaces: Civic Leadership
193 Women in the House!
194 Worth the Risk
195 Our Bodies, Our Choices: Funding Reproductive Rights Globally
196 Wild Women With Disabilities Speak Out
197 The State of Old Women
198 Stop Unilateral Support of IMF: GFW Letter of Appeal
199 Zagreb Pride
200 Will South Dakota Follow in Nicaragua’s Footsteps?
201 Meet the Now Generation
202 Funding a Global Movement to End Violence Against Women
203 Funding a Women’s Movement Against Sexual Violence in the Congo
204 The War Against Iraqi Women
205 Grantee Murdered in South Africa
206 Women and War
207 Reclaiming Peace: Manipur Mothers Defy Militarism | Video
208 Kyrgyz Update From Advisor Anna Kirey
209 SF Chronicle Article on Nepal Highlights How a Local Activist is Challenging Indentured Labor
210 Students Give To The Global Fund
211 Iraqi Grantee on CNN
212 Young Energy
213 Historic Victory for Domestic Workers
214 Why We Must End Violence Against Women | Video
215 "Situation is Critical”: Kyrgyz Activists Nurgul Djanaeva and Anna Kirey Report
216 Board Member Sakena Yacoobi Wins the Kravis Prize
217 GFW Grantee Founder/Director Gets Elected To Nepali Parliament As First Openly Gay Representative
218 Attacks Against Women's Rights Defenders
219 The Role Model
220 The IMF: Violating Women since 1945
221 Taking on the Challenge...
222 Gala news from Adventure Divas
223 Nonprofits Object to Treasury's Broad Allegations of Ties to Terrorism
224 Coming Into Her Own
225 Islamic Protestors Force Evacuation of ILGA Conference Participants in Surabaya
226 Militarism, Conflict and Women’s Activism
227 Time to Put an End to Sexual Violence
228 Update from Lebanon
229 Sisterhood is the Key
230 GFW Advisor Shares Chilling Account Of Atrocities In Gaza
231 "Everything shall be judged by history": Dr.Vaira-Vike Freiberga
232 The Chance to be Free
233 Reinforcing Her Fight
234 An Iraqi-American Votes in America
235 More Students Give To The Global Fund
236 Grantmakers Without Borders
237 Citizens Anew and Grantees Too
238 Albanian Activists Tackle Homophobia
239 Where the Water Meets the Sky: Film and Panel Focus On Women’s Education And Activism in Zambia
240 Serbian Global Fund Grantees Speak at San Francisco Pride
241 Honoring Mexican Journalism
242 Mothers in Action
243 Updates from Fiji: Aftermath of Cyclone Tomas
244 Zimbabwean Grantee Sends Open Letter To Robert Mugabe
245 Now or Never Fund Update
246 Dreaming of a Different World
247 Earth Day Action: Demand Halt of Military Build-up in Guam
248 Mauritanian Grantee Condemns Military Coup
249 It's Time To Speak
250 Deauville, Schloss Leopoldskron, Salzburg Global Seminar, Philanthropy for Global Impact
251 Malalai Joya: Bravest Woman of Afghanistan?
252 On May Day
253 As I Walk to Prison: A Letter From GFW Board Member Mu Sochua
254 Help Us End Honor Killing in Iraq
255 High-Heeled Human Rights Defenders
256 Stepping Toward a Brighter Future in Sierra Leone
257 Prison Perspectives: Reflecting on Mu Sochua’s Arrest
258 A Resounding Victory in the Mexican Supreme Court!
259 Pondering Her Power
260 Kyrgyz Women Hold the Solutions: Betsy Hoody in Foreign Policy in Focus
261 Simple Tools, Big Impact
262 Fijian Grantee Shares Insights On Intergenerational Movement Building
263 Katha Pollitt on Iraqi Women
264 Real Results for Girls
265 Expanding Minority Rights for Majorities in Uganda: I Ask for More
266 The Politics Of Women And Leadership By Global Fund CEO and President Kavita Ramdas
267 Pakistani Women Struggle for Their Rights
268 How the Military Coup in Honduras Gave Birth to Feminist Resistance

269 Recognizing Collective Leadership As A Model: Kavita Ramdas at The Stanford Roundtable On Leadership
270 Global Fund Grantees Win Five Prestigious Awards
271 Geek Out with Lebanon’s Geekettes
272 The City of Women: A Colombian Experience
273 Donor Day Reflections: Why I Admire GFW
274 Globalization Is Further Marginalizing Communities Already On The Fringe: Taiwanese Grantee
275 Tsunami in the Solomon Islands
276 Empowering Communities for Better Maternal Health
277 Statement on the Murder of Marisela Escobedo Ortiz
278 Violence in Kyrgyzstan: Now The West Pays Attention
279 My Jerusalem, Yesterday Night: A Blog Series
280 Surviving the Tsunami
281 CURE-ing Patriarchy through Art and Activism
282 20 Years of Transition: How are Women Faring?
283 Why We Need a U.S.-Based Feminist Anti-Militarism Movement
284 Dateline Belgrade: Pride Cancellation A Platform to Strengthen LGBT Activism
285 A Historic Day in Mexico
286 Standing in Solidarity with the People of Egypt
287 Everyday Militarism
288 Ultra Dedication
289 Right to Decide: Católicas Por El Derecho A Decidir
290 Rx For Ailing Economies: Women
291 Girl Child Network Vows to Fight Rapists
292 Economic Justice: Collective for Research and Training on Development-Action
293 Queering Chennai: My Experiences of Pride Home and Taking Pride in Being Home!
294 Homophobic State Cannot Crush Our Spirit: GFW Advisor Lepa Mladenovic
295 Need a Safe Abortion? Go to Mexico City
296 Human Security: Autonomous Women's Center
297 Mongolian Women: Undaunted by Adversity
298 Global Fund At The AWID Forum 2008: Some Reflections
299 New Births, New Hope From Afghanistan
300 Women's Leadership: Abantu For Development
301 From Techphobe to Tech-realist: Technology As an Ally of Human Rights
302 Education: Afghan Institute of Learning
303 Dominican Constitution Defers to Church Doctrine
304 Breast Cancer Advocacy Rises in Kosovo
305 We Refuse to Be Enemies
306 Kolkata Sanved: Dancing is a Part of the Movement!
307 Sustainable Social Change: Our Commitment to the Women’s Movement
308 Funding the Americas
309 Floods and Feminism: The Plight of Pakistan's Women
310 Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network: Mothers Defy Militarism
311 On Labor Day: Making Visible Women Workers’ Struggles
312 America's Giving Challenge: Why Every Gift Counts
313 Is Al Sarafiya bridge Sunni or Shi'ite?
314 Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act
315 Working for Young Women’s Health and Empowerment in Sudan
316 Climate Change is a Women's Rights Issue: Women in Fiji Organize!
317 Turkish Feminists Link Academics and Activists to Eradicate Violence
318 Promising Democracy, Imposing Theocracy
319 What Has Changed in Iraq?
320 Inspiration From Dakar: Notes on the African Feminist Forum
321 Women’s Voices: Drowned Out in the Climate Change Talks?
322 Sometimes Change is About Who Washes the Dishes: GFW's MDG3 Goals
323 16 Days Campaign Spotlight: Zene na delu [Women at Work], Belgrade, Serbia
324 Home and Exile in Queer Experience
325 La Articulación Interestatal Por el Derecho a Decidir de las Mexicanas
326 Why Women's Reproductive Freedom Ensures Our Survival: Kavita Ramdas
327 16 Days Campaign Spotlight: Ekasi Women’s Arts Ensemble, South Africa
328 Outer Voices
329 State of the World's Indigenous Peoples: UN Report by Board Member Myrna Cunningham
330 16 Days Campaign Spotlight: KAFA, Lebanon
331 Bringing Women into Cambodian Politics
332 President Obama and Women's Rights: Interview With GFW Board Member Charlotte Bunch
333 From Kawangware to Xi’an: Reflections On World AIDS Day
334 Update from Kuwait
335 Heartland Visionary Conference Call with Kavita Ramdas on February 2nd: Register Now!
336 Ruta Pacifica de las Mujeres [Peaceful Way of Women], Colombia
337 Join us for Voice, Power and Soul: Portraits of African Feminists
338 Iranian Women Activists Arrested
339 Building a Just, Peaceful and Sustainable World; Call with Kavita Ramdas
340 Finding the Pony
341 The Gambia Committee on Traditional Practices Affecting the Health of Women and Children
342 Amina Mama on Women's Activism in Post-Conflicts
343 Musings on TED India
344 Colombia's Displaced Women and Girls
345 The Federation for Women and Family Planning
346 Former Board Member, Mu Sochua, Profiled in The New York Times
347 Climate Change And the Women’s Movement: Wise Lessons for the Future
348 Victory for Zimbabwean Women
349 Musings on Beijing 15 years Later: Kavita Ramdas in Open Democracy
350 Going Green, Global Fund Style!
351 From Iraq: Our Struggle Continues
352 Board Member Calls for Afro-Colombian Rights
353 Global Fund for Women Stands in Solidarity with our Sisters in Chile
354 Global Fund for Women Awards $2 million to 138 International Grassroots Women's Rights Organizations
355 Another World is Possible — Notes from the World Social Forum
356 Global Fund for Women Joins Lawsuit to Challenge Unconstitutional Spying Law
357 Kickboxing Against Violence in Hong Kong
358 Kavita Ramdas Shares Thoughts on Funding and Development
359 Global Fund at the AWID Forum 2008 Cape Town, South Africa
360 Have You Been to In Her Shoes Yet?
361 Burma – Festering Wound in Southeast Asia
362 Visiting Nicaragua and Costa Rica
363 State of the World’s Women: Christine Ahn and Anasuya Sengupta in Foreign Policy in Focus
364 Education: The Difference between Choice and Opportunity
365 Iraqi Politics Exploit Women's Sufferings
366 Award Winners: Kavita Ramdas, Global Fund for Women
367 North Korea: Path to Journalists Freedom Paved by Diplomacy
368 Board Member Sakena Yacoobi on NPR: Islamic Feminists Transforming the Middle East
369 Global Fund Co-Founder in NY Times
370 From California to Cambodia Fighting for Women: Former Board Member Mu Sochua In the New York Times
371 Sometimes There’s Justice, Sometimes There’s Just Us
372 Grantee on Kosovo Independence
373 Women Moving Millions Campaign and Afghan Institute of Learning on ABC News
374 Kavita Ramdas in NJ Star Ledger on Fellow Princeton Board Trustee Sotomayor's Nomination
375 Letter from Tanzania
376 Charlotte Bunch in Rutgers University's Newspaper
377 Sex slaves' crusader battles pimps, credit crisis
378 21 Leaders for the 21st Century
379 Women's Voices in Eastern Europe: Speaker Series Tomorrow!
380 Liberian Grantee Leader Leymah Gbowee Wins JFK Profile in Courage Award
381 Afghan Grantee on NPR
382 GFW Grantees Featured in "Women Working for Peace" Photo Competition - Vote Today!
383 Financial Times Calls for 30% Women on Boards
384 Russian Crisis Centers for Women
385 Mu Sochua Wins Human Rights Award
386 Notes from the Nobel Women’s Initiative's Conference in Guatemala: Costa Rican Grantee FIRE
387 Stories of Sanghar
388 Arizona Rising: Christine Ahn in Foreign Policy in Focus
389 GFW Program Associate Speaks Out Against iPhone App
390 Should Abortion Be Prevented?
391 Pride Celebrations Sri Lanka Style
392 Tumaini Shines in the New Year
393 A Global Fund Lens On NBC’s New Show ‘The Philanthropist’
394 Visiting Project Baobob
395 India’s Stonewall? Delhi Court Decriminalizes ‘Sodomy’ Law Against Homosexuality
396 Hope Blooms in the Desert
397 Kavita Ramdas in Huffington Post Article on Maternal Health
398 Challenging Identity in Sarajevo
399 The Sound of Singing
400 Gay McDougall Wins Thurgood Marshall Award
401 The Names We are Allowed to Call Women….Reflections on Gender and Power in the 21st Century
402 At the World Social Forum
403 "Face to Face" Debate: Add Your Voice!
404 It's All About Water
405 US Social Forum's Call for a Stronger Antiwar Movement
406 Violence Against Kenyan Women
407 Kavita Ramdas at 2010 Aspen Ideas Festival
408 How to Keep Activism Alive? Dolores Huerta Offers Tips!
409 AIDS in Kenya
410 Kavita Ramdas on the Recent TIME Cover
411 Gender Justice Grantmaking Featured on Change.Org
412 GFW Grantee Leymah Gbowee on the Colbert Report
413 “It ain't what you do, it's how you do it”: Kavita Ramdas in Philanthropy Publication
414 Global Fund Voices on Three Radio Shows on Pacifica Airwaves
415 Obama Visits Ghana: An Opportunity to Join Hands for Women’s Rights
416 Kyrgyz Board Member Nurgul Djanaeva in World Pulse
417 GFW's Americas Program Officer's Firsthand Account from Central America
418 GFW Among The Nation's Top Ten Picks
419 Violeta Krasnic: Our Time is Now!
420 Alliance Magazine Highlights Global Fund: Re-Granting As a Smart Philanthropic Strategy
421 Global Fund Celebrates Aung San Suu Kyi's Release
422 AWID Interview Highlights Global Fund's Upcoming Militarism Initiative
423 Where No Funders Go: $1.5 Million for Women's Human Rights
424 Elections Alone Won't Help Afghan Women: Kavita Ramdas in
425 Global Fund Celebrates Michelle Bachelet’s Appointment to Head UN Women
426 Women's Leading Role in Philanthropy: Forbes Article Highlights Global Fund
427 Global Fund for Women Awards $1.89 million to Women’s Groups in 67 Countries
428 Muadi Mukenge Featured on Al Jazeera: The Rape Epidemic in the Congo
429 In Memory of Rhonda Copelon
430 Mary Robinson to be Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom
431 GFW Awards $1.6 Million to Women’s Groups in 58 Countries
432 Time for Diplomacy with North Korea: Global Fund's Christine Ahn on KQED
433 GFW Awards $1.48 Million to Women's Groups
434 Grantee Partner and Kavita Ramdas Cited in The Nation Op-ed About Military Presence in Afghanistan
435 GFW Co-Founder Frances Kissling Tears Down Pro-Life Logic in Op-Ed
436 Global Fund for Women Awards $1.8 Million to Women's Groups
437 Global Fund Demands Justice for Cambodian Board Member Mu Sochua
438 Global Fund Demands Restoration of Democracy in Honduras
439 Muadi Mukenge on KPFA Radio's Morning Show on Sexual Violence in the Congo
440 Women's e-News: Women's Philanthropy Outpaces the Pack
441 Voicing Women's Perspectives at UN Conference
442 You Can Spare a Dime to Save a Kid: GFW Founder Francis Kissling In
443 CNN "Heroes" Honors GFW Grantee Betty Makoni
444 Kavita Ramdas Praises Nomination of Sonya Sotomayor to U.S. Supreme Court
445 Video Special! Watch Kavita Ramdas' Commencement at Mills College
446 Resist-Reclaim-Restore: Militarism No More - Open Democracy Article By Kavita Ramdas
447 Dear Mr. President, Change At the IMF Overdue: An Open Letter By Muadi Mukenge
448 US Should Lead the World on Combating Racism: GFW Board Member
449 Huffington Post Article on the Chinese Invasion of California Legislature
450 Video Special: Mills College Roundtable on Challenging Militarism
451 GFW in the SF Chronicle: Women Can Lead the Way to Recovery
452 Kavita Ramdas On The Pink Chaddis Campaign: Feminist Magazine Radio Show
453 Build Infrastructure Not Bases: Board Member Sakena Yacoobi Interview In FPIF
454 Huffington Post: Open Letter to President Obama By Eve Ensler, Kavita Ramdas, Zainab Salbi
455 The Nation Magazine Blogs on Afghanistan: Interview with Kavita Ramdas
456 SF Chronicle Op-Ed on the Global Gag Rule by GFW Vice President Shalini Nataraj
457 GFW Highlighted in Anna Quindlen's Newsweek Column
458 December Grant Cycle: Over $1.6 million Awarded To Groups in 55 Countries
459 Global Fund for Women Awards Over $1.7 Million To 121 Groups In 60 Countries
460 $2 Million Awarded in Grants
461 SF Hosts Hosts First-Ever Summit on Combating Twin Crimes of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking
462 GFW Receives Four-Star Rating From Charity Navigator For the Fourth Consecutive Year
463 Emergency Relief Funds Granted to Assist Displaced Lebanese Women and Children
464 Global Fund for Women Responds to Tsunami: Awards Over $50,000 Directly to Women's Organizations
465 Global Fund for Women Returns to U.S. with Plan of Action for Latin America
466 Global Women Unite to Challenge U.S. Foreign Policy
467 Global Fund for Women Announces Largest Endowment Ever for Women Around the World
468 Three Times as Many Women as Men Died in Last Year's Tsunami
469 Global Fund for Women Receives Highest Rating from Charity Navigator
470 Her Majesty Queen Noor and Nancy Pelosi Join GFW to Announce Endowment for the World's Women
471 Call for Peace and Human Security

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