Article List

# Item Title
1 Girls in Mexico Say No to Machismo
2 Wedding Crashers Shine a Spotlight on Child Marriage
3 Tale of Two Techies
4 Coming Into Her Own
5 Young Energy
6 The Role Model
7 Meet the Now Generation
8 Reinforcing Her Fight
9 Citizens Anew and Grantees Too
10 Real Results for Girls
11 CURE-ing Patriarchy through Art and Activism
12 Increasing Access to Education
13 Wayuu Women's Power: A Field Report from Colombia
14 Another World is On Her Way
15 Europe & Central Asia: Breaking Out of the Margins
16 Middle East & North Africa: Documenting Her-Stories
17 Education: Afghan Institute of Learning
18 Kolkata Sanved: Dancing is a Part of the Movement!
19 Girls Hold the Solutions
20 Spotlight Afghanistan: Activist Sakena Yacoobi
21 Read a Palestinian grantee's newsletter
22 Triple Tragedy for Women Victims of Rape and Sexual Violence in Eastern DRC
23 Audience Member's Response to Trade
24 Tostan Wins The Hilton Humanitarian Prize
25 Letter from Tanzania
26 It's All About Water
27 Visiting Project Baobob
28 Tumaini Shines in the New Year
29 Stories of Sanghar
30 Afghan Grantee on NPR
31 Making I.T. Our Own: ISIS International Empowers Women Through I.T.
32 Education: The Difference between Choice and Opportunity
33 CNN "Heroes" Honors GFW Grantee Betty Makoni
34 Video Special: Mills College Roundtable on Challenging Militarism
35 December Grant Cycle: Over $1.6 million Awarded To Groups in 55 Countries
36 $2 Million Awarded in Grants
37 Inspiration From Dakar: Notes on the African Feminist Forum
38 Where No Funders Go: $1.5 Million for Women's Human Rights
39 "Face to Face" Debate: Add Your Voice!
40 Funding a Global Movement to End Violence Against Women

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