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# Item Title
1 Behind Our Voices
2 The Power is in the Diversity
3 Girls in Mexico Say No to Machismo
4 Wedding Crashers Shine a Spotlight on Child Marriage
5 Meenu's True Story of Girl Power in India
6 Girls in Malawi Will Marry When They Want
7 The Gambia Committee on Traditional Practices Affecting the Health of Women and Children
8 What It Takes to End FGM
9 La Articulación Interestatal Por el Derecho a Decidir de las Mexicanas
10 The Federation for Women and Family Planning
11 Holding the Line in Poland
12 Our Bodies. Our Rights.
13 25th Anniversary Gala
14 10 Favorite Quotes for International Women's Day
15 Worth the Risk
16 Meet the Now Generation
17 Sisterhood is the Key
18 Coming Into Her Own
19 Meet the Now Generation
20 Mothers in Action
21 Dreaming of a Different World
22 It's Time To Speak
23 High-Heeled Human Rights Defenders
24 Supporting Change at the Feminist Encuentro
25 And Still We Rise: Stories from our Annual Report
26 Empowering Communities for Better Maternal Health
27 Advancing Health and Sexual and Reproductive Rights
28 Another World is On Her Way
29 Europe & Central Asia: Breaking Out of the Margins
30 Asia & Oceania: Building Solidarity
31 Right to Decide: Católicas Por El Derecho A Decidir
32 Kolkata Sanved: Dancing is a Part of the Movement!
33 A New Generation of Lithuanian Women’s Activism
34 Spotlight Afghanistan: Activist Sakena Yacoobi
35 Now or Never Fund: Philanthropy Rising to the Challenge
36 Out for Justice
37 Uninspired Leadership and Undignified Citizenship —Uganda & Congo (DR)
38 Good News from a Sister Organization
39 Inter-American Commission on Nicaragua's Abortion Ban
40 Nicaraguan Women Protest Abortion Ban
41 Will South Dakota Follow in Nicaragua’s Footsteps?
42 Why Do You Support a Woman's Right to Choose?
43 Who First Taught You About Sex and Pregnancy?
44 20 Years of Transition: How are Women Faring?
45 Stepping Toward a Brighter Future in Sierra Leone
46 Triple Tragedy for Women Victims of Rape and Sexual Violence in Eastern DRC
47 Tostan Wins The Hilton Humanitarian Prize
48 Grantee Murdered in South Africa
49 Zagreb Pride
50 Update from Lebanon
51 A Historic Day in Mexico
52 Need a Safe Abortion? Go to Mexico City
53 Breast Cancer Advocacy Rises in Kosovo
54 New Births, New Hope From Afghanistan
55 Home and Exile in Queer Experience
56 Global Fund Co-Founder in NY Times
57 Visiting Nicaragua and Costa Rica
58 Letter from Tanzania
59 AIDS in Kenya
60 It's All About Water
61 The Sound of Singing
62 Should Abortion Be Prevented?
63 Stories of Sanghar
64 Globalization Is Further Marginalizing Communities Already On The Fringe: Taiwanese Grantee
65 A Resounding Victory in the Mexican Supreme Court!
66 Global Fund for Women Awards $2 million to 138 International Grassroots Women's Rights Organizations
67 Serbian Global Fund Grantees Speak at San Francisco Pride
68 GFW Grantee Founder/Director Gets Elected To Nepali Parliament As First Openly Gay Representative
69 Global Fund grantee ARROW releases a dynamic report on Sexual and Reproductive Health
70 Kenyan Women Resist Post-Election Violence
71 900 Girls in Zimbabwe Speak Out
72 Nepal's Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Gay Rights
73 Building Critical Connections Between Women in Colombia and United States
74 From Kawangware to Xi’an: Reflections On World AIDS Day
75 Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act
76 Dateline Belgrade: Pride Cancellation A Platform to Strengthen LGBT Activism
77 Homophobic State Cannot Crush Our Spirit: GFW Advisor Lepa Mladenovic
78 Dominican Constitution Defers to Church Doctrine
79 Challenging Identity in Sarajevo
80 GFW Co-Founder Frances Kissling Tears Down Pro-Life Logic in Op-Ed
81 India's Stonewall? Delhi Court Decriminalizes "Sodomy" Law Against Homosexuality
82 India’s Stonewall? Delhi Court Decriminalizes ‘Sodomy’ Law Against Homosexuality
83 Pride Celebrations Sri Lanka Style
84 Voicing Women's Perspectives at UN Conference
85 Sometimes There’s Justice, Sometimes There’s Just Us
86 Sometimes There's Justice, Sometimes There's Just Us
87 Dateline Beirut: Lebanese LGBT Activists Protest Discrimination And Homophobia
88 Where the Water Meets the Sky: Film and Panel Focus On Women’s Education And Activism in Zambia
89 GFW in the SF Chronicle: Women Can Lead the Way to Recovery
90 Kavita Ramdas On The Pink Chaddis Campaign: Feminist Magazine Radio Show
91 December Grant Cycle: Over $1.6 million Awarded To Groups in 55 Countries
92 SF Chronicle Op-Ed on the Global Gag Rule by GFW Vice President Shalini Nataraj
93 Global Fund for Women Awards Over $1.7 Million To 121 Groups In 60 Countries
94 $2 Million Awarded in Grants
95 Global Fund for Women Announces Largest Endowment Ever for Women Around the World
96 Where No Funders Go: $1.5 Million for Women's Human Rights
97 Violeta Krasnic: Our Time is Now!
98 Working for Young Women’s Health and Empowerment in Sudan
99 Gender Justice Grantmaking Featured on Change.Org
100 Kavita Ramdas at 2010 Aspen Ideas Festival
101 Queering Chennai: My Experiences of Pride Home and Taking Pride in Being Home!
102 Kavita Ramdas in Huffington Post Article on Maternal Health
103 Expanding Minority Rights for Majorities in Uganda: I Ask for More
104 GFW Awards $1.6 Million to Women’s Groups in 58 Countries
105 State of the World’s Women: Christine Ahn and Anasuya Sengupta in Foreign Policy in Focus
106 "Situation is Critical”: Kyrgyz Activists Nurgul Djanaeva and Anna Kirey Report
107 "Situation is Critical” - Kyrgyz Sisters Nurgul Djanaeva and Anna Kirey Write
108 Islamic Protestors Force Evacuation of ILGA Conference Participants in Surabaya
109 Women's Voices in Eastern Europe: Speaker Series Tomorrow!
110 Albanian Activists Tackle Homophobia
111 Nicaraguan Law Plays Havoc with Reproductive Rights
112 Reflections on Haiti
113 More Updates From Haiti
114 Why Women's Reproductive Freedom Ensures Our Survival: Kavita Ramdas
115 GFW Awards $1.48 Million to Women's Groups
116 Global Fund for Women Awards $1.8 Million to Women's Groups
117 From Chernobyl, Lessons for Maternal Health in Japan
118 Our Bodies, Our Choices: Funding Reproductive Rights Globally
119 Funding a Global Movement to End Violence Against Women
120 Haiti: Rising Above the Rubble
121 Why Dr. Mukwege is Vital to the Women's Rights Movement
122 The President of the United States Will Decide Women's Choice Globally
123 Contraception Revisited, Again?
124 Rio+20: A Blind Eye Towards Women

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