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1 Girls in Mexico Say No to Machismo
2 Dreaming of a Different World
3 Funding a Global Movement to End Violence Against Women
4 20 Years of Transition: How are Women Faring?
5 Where No Funders Go: $1.5 Million for Women's Human Rights
6 Another World is On Her Way
7 Violeta Krasnic: Our Time is Now!
8 Europe & Central Asia: Breaking Out of the Margins
9 Asia & Oceania: Building Solidarity
10 Gender Justice Grantmaking Featured on Change.Org
11 Queering Chennai: My Experiences of Pride Home and Taking Pride in Being Home!
12 Expanding Minority Rights for Majorities in Uganda: I Ask for More
13 A New Generation of Lithuanian Women’s Activism
14 "Situation is Critical”: Kyrgyz Activists Nurgul Djanaeva and Anna Kirey Report
15 "Situation is Critical” - Kyrgyz Sisters Nurgul Djanaeva and Anna Kirey Write
16 Islamic Protestors Force Evacuation of ILGA Conference Participants in Surabaya
17 Women's Voices in Eastern Europe: Speaker Series Tomorrow!
18 Albanian Activists Tackle Homophobia
19 More Updates From Haiti
20 GFW Awards $1.48 Million to Women's Groups
21 Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act
22 Dateline Belgrade: Pride Cancellation A Platform to Strengthen LGBT Activism
23 Homophobic State Cannot Crush Our Spirit: GFW Advisor Lepa Mladenovic
24 Challenging Identity in Sarajevo
25 India's Stonewall? Delhi Court Decriminalizes "Sodomy" Law Against Homosexuality
26 India’s Stonewall? Delhi Court Decriminalizes ‘Sodomy’ Law Against Homosexuality
27 Pride Celebrations Sri Lanka Style
28 Sometimes There’s Justice, Sometimes There’s Just Us
29 Sometimes There's Justice, Sometimes There's Just Us
30 Out for Justice
31 Dateline Beirut: Lebanese LGBT Activists Protest Discrimination And Homophobia
32 December Grant Cycle: Over $1.6 million Awarded To Groups in 55 Countries
33 Globalization Is Further Marginalizing Communities Already On The Fringe: Taiwanese Grantee
34 Serbian Global Fund Grantees Speak at San Francisco Pride
35 GFW Grantee Founder/Director Gets Elected To Nepali Parliament As First Openly Gay Representative
36 Nepal's Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Gay Rights
37 Grantee Murdered in South Africa
38 Zagreb Pride
39 Home and Exile in Queer Experience
40 Good News from a Sister Organization

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