MDG3 Key Achievements

In 2008, the Dutch government took a giant leap and invested 82 million euros to catalyze strategic, breakthrough actions to advance gender equality worldwide. Based on a 2012 independent study*, the return on its investment in 45 women’s organizations, networks and funds: priceless.

>220 million people reached with new awareness of women’s rights

a long string of men and women icons

an icon of a hammer and a wrench200,000+ activists were provided tools and skills to support women’s assertion of their rights

>27 national governments’ gender policies were positively influenced

an icon of a leaf>3,400 women’s organizations were provided new or more resources

an icon of a globeLocal and national governments in at least 46 countries were persuaded to improve their gender equality outcomes

an icon of a dumbbell>100,000 women’s organizations were strengthened / provided greater capacity and tools

a large pie chart with 92% in color
  • Reached a larger number of women and women’s organizations
  • Increased geographic coverage
  • Strengthened women’s leadership
  • Launched new programs and strategies
  • United women and built new collective power

a pie chart with 88% in color

88% Focused on new issues and constituencies of women

a pie chart with 83% in color

83% Built alliances with other movements and organizations

a pie chart with 83% in color

83% Influenced gender equality work of other movements, sectors, and organizations

a pie chart with 71% in color

71% Survived / continued our work in very challenging contexts

a pie chart with 67% in color

67% More effective advocacy to change discriminatory laws and policies

a pie chart with 42% in color

42% Prevented reversal of past gender equality gains or achievements

a pie chart with 38% in color

38% Tracked reversals / backlash more effectively

a pie chart with 29% in color

29% Other Achievements