How Do We Make A Difference?

This is a tough question because social change doesn’t happen easily or overnight. Determining our impact can be a challenge, but it can be done.

One example is the Breakthrough Project: a three-year, $2.2 million investment to catalyze strategic, breakthrough actions to advance gender equality in Asia and the Pacific. This year, an independent evaluation concluded that Global Fund contributed to impact at three levels: on the individual lives of over half a million women and girls, their families and communities, on the strength of grantee organizations and networks, and through concrete political and economic gains.

The success of the Breakthrough Project is why we are examining 25 years of data, getting independent assessments, and beginning to develop a set of metrics to understand how change happens.

Research tells us that it’s not just the money. A secret of our success is that we seek grantees that are already well connected and understand the various contexts in their communities. We get the right resources to the right groups for the best results.

Our grantee partners benefit from extensive Global Fund networks that connect them with other donors, advocates and expertise. This ever-evolving Global Fund community incorporates diverse populations and perspectives that make for robust feminist movements around the world.

Breakthrough is an important step in mapping our impact. There will be many more. As we dig through the data and study the stories, we’ll continue to share along the way.

How did Global Fund for Women catalyze change in Asia and the Pacific?


  • Over $2.2 million in flexible funding
  • Long-term partnerships
  • Support for networking, knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • 58% of grants to rural communities
  • Over 1/3 of funding for adolescent girls


  • 125 high-impact organizations funded
  • 71% increased organizational capacity and/or sustainability
  • 71% expanded their networks
  • 66% increased public visibility and/ or media coverage of their work


  • Benefitted 554,299 girls and women, men and boys
  • New laws against domestic violence passed in 3 countries
  • Increased women’s participation in local government in Nepal and India
  • Rural women increased access to land and financial services
  • Domestic workers secured basic rights at the ILO

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