Invited Twice To Dance

by Lisa Bottom

Global Fund supporters dancing with the mayor of Diyarbakir.Global Fund supporters dancing with the mayor of Diyarbakir.

Today in a
you reached
for me with
two small hands
and drew me in
to dance.

I do not know
the steps,
but like you,
I have feet
and if
I watch your feet,
I will learn.

And so we begin
this circle dance,
small fingers entwined
that we might
touch, yet move
freely and easily
in the space
that remains
between us.

What simple beauty
is this moving together,
entwined in
instant community
that is yours,
yet somehow my own.

I cannot speak
your language,
yet we speak
for all language
with the universal
greeting of a smile
and the intimacy
of this circle that moves.

Oh, to find a world
that could hold
the beauty of community
in the simple trust
of stepping
three steps forward
two steps back
again and again
in the unending
movement of the dance.

Knowing that,
together with
the softest touch,
we might yet
and move
and live
as one celebration
of life.

©Lisa Bottom 2012

Lisa Bottom is a long-time supporter who has traveled to Turkey and South India with the Global Fund. She is a principal and Design Director in the San Francisco office for Gensler Global Design. Lisa spearheaded the design for the Global Fund San Francisco office.

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