Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era

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Women at DAWN's 2011 training institute.

In the age of globalization, DAWN's network of feminist scholars, researchers and activists work for economic and gender justice – basic human rights often overlooked during rapid development.

Through research, advocacy, and training, DAWN creates a support system for women to organize around challenging issues affecting their livelihoods, living standards, and overall human rights.

When DAWN supported 25 women to attend the Rio +20 global development conference, decision makers couldn’t ignore their voices. Women from Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Rapa Nui, Vanuatu, Hawaii and Samoa lobbied for laws to protect biodiversity and their oceans, and they demanded government regulation of industries that destroy natural resources. They won and the government of Papua New Guinea agreed to a moratorium on deep-sea mining exploration – a major policy shift.


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