Recognizing Donors to GFW's Haiti Crisis Fund

With the support of the Global Fund's amazing network of supporters, the Crisis Fund raised over $250,000 for Haiti!

Thank you to everyone who made a special gift to the Crisis Fund in a demonstration of solidarity and support for the women and girls of Haiti, including the organizations, companies and foundations listed below:

Institutional Donors

Hub Strategy and Communication, Inc.

Levi Strauss Foundation

Libra Foundation

Liz Claiborne Foundation

Ms. Foundation for Women

Reconstruction Women's Fund

Sarah Gavigan Fund

Smiling Children / WomenChangeMakers

Under a Waterfall


Alpem Family Foundation

Anonymous Family Foundation

Avon Canada

Betterment Fund

Centar za zenske studije / Centre for Women's Studies

Filia die Frauenstiftung

Hannah Kranzberg DAF


GIVE HOPE. Donate now to help women and girls learn.

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