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forum_web2In June 2010, longstanding tension between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks erupted into violence in southern Kyrgyzstan, resulting in more than 470 deaths, the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people over the span of a few days, and the rape and sexual assault of women and girls. With a government slow to react, the leadership of our grantee partners was critical for the safety of women and girls.

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Grantee partner Forum of Women’s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan called an emergency meeting of women’s groups from around the country, and facilitated the development of a comprehensive six-month peace building process. By empowering Kyrgyz and Uzbek women to lead hundreds in their communities through a series of 27 meetings, they fostered dialogue that has helped quell further ethnic violence and created realistic peace building strategies.

El Agartuu, another Kyrgyz grantee partner, coordinated emergency, long-term psychological, and medical support for dozens of women and children who experienced, or witnessed violence, including group therapy and individual consultations through five-day retreats. Anonymous interviews with more than 30 women and children were conducted during the retreats, and their experiences will be published in Russian, Kyrgyz and English to raise awareness about the effects of conflict on women and girls, and to promote their agency in the recovery process.


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