Inter-American Commission on Nicaragua's Abortion Ban

We received this statement from one of our grantees today.

The Inter-American Commission issues important statement on Nicaragua's Abortion Ban

On December 1st, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights released a statement declaring that Nicaragua's recently passed abortion ban is contrary to international law and threatens women's human rights. This statement, addressed to the Nicaraguan government, was released prior to the ban becoming law and is the first ever issued by the Commission on abortion. The Inter-American Commission is the primary body that monitors human rights in the Americas.

Most Latin American countries have extremely restrictive abortion laws, usually allowing the termination of a pregnancy only for therapeutic reasons to save a mother's life. El Salvador, Chile and Nicaragua have gone even further by banning abortion in all circumstances. The Dominican Republic and Panama are currently considering bills that would further restrict abortion. With its statement, the IACHR has sent a clear message to the Government of Nicaragua and other countries in the region that banning abortion violates women's most essential human rights and puts their lives at risk.


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