Good News from a Sister Organization

On Monday, the United Nations Economic and Social Council granted consultative status to three gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender organizations: to International Lesbian and Gay Association-Europe, the European Region of the International Lesbian and Gay Association, to the Danish and German national lesbian and gay association, LBL and LSVD.  Consultative status allows non-governmental organizations to enter the United Nations, participate in its work and speak in their own name. No other LGBT group till this day enjoyed this right, apart from the Coalition of Activist Lesbians, a group based in Australia.

"State homophobia has been hit and will not remain unchallenged anymore," says Rosanna Flamer Caldera, Co-Secretary General of the International Lesbian and Gay Association. "It is a very special moment for the LGBT movement: this historic decision follows the statement made by Norway at the UN Human Rights Council on behalf of 54 countries, pushing that forum to address sexual orientation and gender identity.

Read the rest of the announcement and learn more about the work of the International Lesbian and Gay Association.


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