Ultra Dedication

The world of the Global Fund for Women is full of dedication.  Grantees from all over the world made up of dedicated women and girls empowering themselves and each other, determined to advance women's rights in the face of any obstacle.  GFW donors, women and men of all ages, dedicated to partnering with our grantees to better understand and support the invaluable work they do.frances_marathon

And, of course, the Global Fund Staff and Board, who dedicate their time and energy day in and day out to seeding and strengthening these groups and the women's movement internationally.

Almost one year ago now, I found myself part of this Global Fund world. On Saturday, April 14th, I was able to show my dedication to its work and women by completing the American River 50-Mile Endurance Run for which (with the generosity and support of my friends, family and coworkers) I raised over $1, 400 for the Global Fund for Women.


I began my "Ultramarathon Madness Fund" in January, wanting to combine my long-term dedication to running with my newfound love of the Global Fund.  I remember thinking to myself, "What if all of these 25-mile training runs, the 4 a.m. wake-up calls, and grueling 50-mile race day meant more than just aching muscles and walking down stairs sideways for 1 week?"  

That thought stayed with me for all 8 hours and 19 minutes of the race, motivating me through the muddy, hilly (they're not kidding when they say the last 3 miles elevates 1,000 feet!), and physically and mentally challenging course leading from Sacramento, California to Auburn.  Nothing-not my expertly devised and executed 4-month training plan, stacks of Runner's World magazines, or fellow runner advice-could have prepared me for 50 miles.  

But I knew it wasn't just about my physical or mental pain.  I knew I had dedicated myself to those who had donated to the GFW in my honor, to my fellow staff who cheered me on both in the office and on the trail, and most importantly to our grantees who are making this world a safer, more equitable, and more beautiful place for all people.  

Now that's dedication!

Frances Prochilo is the Administrative Assistant at the Global Fund for Women.


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