Global Fund Grantees Win Five Prestigious Awards

In the past month Global Fund grantees have won several prestigious awards.

Action India and FEMNET from Kenya are two of the three recipients of the Ashoka Changemaker's Award.

In Nepal, the Blue Diamond Society, a group advocating for improved human rights of sexual minorities received the Felipa de Souza Award from the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission.

Journalist Soledad Jarquín, who works with grantee group, Women's Communication and Information, in Mexico City was just awarded the National Award for Journalism, one of the most important awards in Mexico for her story "Violación ejercida por militares" (Rape by the Military).

Gégé Katana, the founder and president of the Solidarity Movement of Women Human Rights Activists based in Democratic Republic of Congo was presented with this year's Front Line Award.

This year's recipients of the Feminist Majority Foundation's Global Women's Rights Awards are all grantees of the Global Fund for Women. Dr. Sima Samar of Afghanistan, Yanar Mohammed of The Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq and Dr. Rebecca Gomperts of Women on Waves.

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