Nonprofits Object to Treasury's Broad Allegations of Ties to Terrorism

OMB Watch, Grantmakers Without Borders, the American Civil Liberties Union and several other charitable organizations sent a letter June 8 to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson objecting to the Department of the Treasury's continued broad allegations of ties between the nonprofit sector and criminal activity associated with terrorism.  The charities' letter pointed out that Treasury's allegations are based on overbroad and unsubstantiated statements, not hard facts.  The nonprofit sector as a whole has not and does not support criminal activity associated with terrorism.  In fact, the sector works tirelessly on the ground in war zones and countries plagued by violence, combating poverty, oppression and other root causes of terrorism.

The letter also noted that the government's claims inflict real, ongoing harm on nonprofit organizations, causing a loss of public confidence in the charitable sector as a whole.

The groups urged Paulson to make amends and support the sector.  "We call on you to issue a statement recognizing the importance of U.S. charities, both at home and abroad," the groups requested in the letter.

The full text of the letter and a detailed fact sheet on the issue are available.


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