Peruvian grantees' update on the earthquake

We have been receiving information from some of our grantees in Peru about the damages of the 7.9 –magnitude earthquake that struck the Peruvian coast on Thursday. The death toll stands at 510 and is expected to rise. Hundreds have been injured and more that 80,000 have been forced to abandon their homes. According to our grantee Centro para el Desarrollo Urbano y Rural, the worst damage occurred in the provinces of Cañete, Pisco, Chincha and Ica, where most of the population is rural, indigenous and Afro-descendent.

Communication systems have been disrupted, and major highways have been damaged, hindering rescue and response efforts.   We have sent solidarity letters to our grantees and network of formal and informal advisors in the country,  expressing our concern and outlining our grantmaking abilities. Some of our current grantees in the affected areas have been encouraged to use their grants for activities  and relief efforts that are most critical at this time. We have also received  a request for additional support from VIDA, a Global Fund grantee, as its shelters for lesbians survivors of violence have been severely damaged. We are sharing information and referring our grantees to other partners and funders.

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