An Urgent Update On Burma!


Dear Friends,

The Burmese military junta has been brutally cracking down on the non-violent civil protesters for the last several weeks. At least 10 people including monks, school children and a Japanese journalist were killed in military firing on peaceful demonstrators on September 27. Hundreds of students and civilians have been injured, arrested and tortured.

Civil rights groups/organizations and individuals came together and held a meeting this evening at the Indian Social Institute, New Delhi and deliberated on the continuing humanitarian political crisis in Burma.

The participants unanimously called for the restoration of democracy in Burma and the intervention of various civil and state actors towards achieving this. The people from Burma expressed their disappointment over the silence of the Indian public and also the insensitiveness of the Indian State that struck yet another oil deal amidst the current crisis and appealed for a more proactive intervention of civil groups.

What began as a protest in Burma against hike in fuel prices and worsening economic situation has turned into a full-fledged campaign against the military regime now.

The current crisis in Burma has once again demonstrated the Burmese people's strong yearning for democracy and resentment against the junta. The Women's League of Burma (WLB) organized a mass protest demonstration in solidarity with the struggling people of Burma and against the brutal military regime tomorrow on Saturday September 29th, and a plan of action after the protest.

As a people who believe in the values of democracy, human rights, peace we have the responsibility of averting a major state-crackdown and bloodshed in Burma and help restoration of democracy in that beleaguered country.

This letter was written by Nang Lao Liang Won (Tay Tay), a Global Fund advisor based in Thailand, and from the Women's League of Burma, a grantee.

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