Audience Member's Response to Trade

Response to Trade from an audience member who attended the Global Fund screening and the panel discussion:

I'm writing this email while the details of the movie and my own emotions are still strong. My mind is literally whirling with so many thoughts. I've all this inner turmoil. I will keep this short. A part of me hates the whole Hollywood package, but I recognize the necessity of employing such an ugly monster to shed some light on a topic that is very much ignored. I appreciate the access which is gained by employing Hollywood to cover a very large marea and reach as many people as possible.

The reality is that there is no happy ending, no one rescues you. Your brother does not find you. They may never find your body. Your monsters come in the day time and they look like ordinary people. Those meant to protect you are usually involved in holding you captive. The police, border patrol, sheriffs, judges the list is long and prestigious.We live in a male-dominated world. Most women and children are considered property and used interchangeably as currency. Single women have very little resources to provide for themselves and/or their families.

Prostitution in third world countries is the only way most women are able to support a family. Most of these women have no job skills, are illiterate, have little or no education. Jobs are not easy to come by. Without the support of a husband/boyfriend/lover to provide for you and your children, what other options do you have? How else will your children gain an education, clothing, food, a home. We take all of these things for granted.

The western world is so educated and elevated they have lost touch with the reality of  the world outside of them. They have constructed an ignorance so blinding they understand nothing and it was so beautifully presented in the scene where, Adriana(I forgot the girls name...the 13 year old) is  in the holding pen and she has no way of getting help. She's confused, afraid and just lost and out of nowhere this young Caucasian girl appears, starts speaking gibberish to her, she's practicing her Spanish. Her community work is to bring her a  magazine....I had to smile. I wanted to laugh at the absurdity of reality...that was spot on!

The other thing which annoyed and angered me was the whole Catholic religious thing. I understand that this is cultural, but I have a large problem with the catholic church. I hate that an institution that condones pedophilia is elevated so high. I say they condone pedophilia because any entity, institution, organization or peoples that willingly and knowingly, not only, turn a blind eye to child abuse, but also protect the very ones who hurt children are condoning their actions. Forgive me if this is offensive but I just can't back down from this one. I can't understand why anyone would eat up garbage as truth. I'm off that rant now.Outside of the obvious predictability it was good. I am wondering though, how many people will only look at this as nothing more than just another new movie release? Will anyone be affected enough to act. I'm glad I saw the movie because it reminded me of the necessity to be involved not only in my community but outside of my community.


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