Papua New Guinean grantee wins prestigious UNDP award

Kup Women for Peace (KWP), a Global Fund grantee based in Papua New Guinea, has won the seventh Pacific Human Rights Award  sponsored by the Regional Rights Resource Team (RRRT). A project of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), RRRT receives the majority of its funding from the New Zealand Agency for International Development (NZAID). The award recognizes groups working on the ground that are keeping a spotlight on human rights abuses within the Pacific Region.  KWP is being recognized "for its outstanding work in situations of conflict, for its intrepid dedication to the cause of peace in the highlands of Papua New Guinea and for its bravery in challenging discriminatory customs and norms, including widespread violence against women."

In May 2007, Asia and Oceania program officer Dechen Tsering visited Papua New Guinea and met with the group at the 10th Triennial Conference on Pacific women and said: "Kup Women for Peace is providing an inspiring example of how women are playing a role in ensuring security. These women live in the highlands of Papua New Guinea and suffered 30 years of tribal conflicts. Women from different tribes came together, started talking and decided to end the violence by literally sitting in the middle of the warring factions and demanding peace. Kup women's strength, courage, and perseverance are truly inspiring and humbling particularly given the political and traditional barriers to peace and women's advancement in the highlands of Papua New Guinea."

We are excited that support from the Global Fund contributed to KWP emerging as a dynamic leader of peace-building initiatives in the region. In addition to addressing gender-based violence, the group is also seeking to reverse the increase in HIV/AIDS in this small nation of six million.

Coincidentally, we are pleased to note that one of the two runners-up to this UNDP award, the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre, is also a grantee partner of the Global Fund.

Read the Oxfam press release about KWP winning this award!:


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