Update on Mu Sochua to our Supporters Courtesy: Vital Voices

Posted by Preeti Mangala Shekar

Mu SochuaThanks so much to all of you who have called and emailed to express your support and concern for our dear friend Mu Sochua of Cambodia. We would also like to thank you for helping us get the word out about her situation.

Upon learning that Mu Sochua could face arrest due to her advocacy for women’s rights, justice and the well-being of the Cambodian people, Vital Voices joined forces with several other leading human rights and women’s organizations to form a coalition to fight for Mu Sochua. Members of this coalition began a campaign to raise awareness of her plight and the unjust threats and actions of the Cambodian government. This campaign generated overwhelming support from our supporters and the international community.

Your commitment to Sochua’s cause and assistance with spreading the word about her situation made this possible!

As a result of these efforts, Hun Sen and the Cambodian Government seem to have acted more cautiously in their dealings with Sochua than anticipated. The consensus is that having the eyes of the world trained on him and his government has truly altered Hun Sen’s usual course of conduct.

We are happy to report that at this time, it does not appear that Sochua is at risk of being arrested.

This morning members of the coalition spoke with Sochua, and she wanted to share several thoughts with her supporters. First, she wants you to know that she is very grateful for the overwhelming support that she has received; every action and message of support has been a gift and so very helpful and effective. Second, she is very concerned for the wellbeing of the Cambodian people who continue to suffer. She wants to remain focused on their health, welfare and desire to live in a democratic country where justice prevails. Third, she is exploring ways to reach out to Hun Sen to mutually cease all legal activity between all parties including their lawyers so that the Cambodian people and the issues of the country remain the focus. She is seeking the guidance of her party on this course of action.

Vital Voices along with other coalition members will continue to monitor Sochua’s situation and will keep you informed about late-breaking news and her wellbeing.

Many, many thanks for your hard work, your concern, and your support for our beloved friend, colleague and mentor who is dedicated to improving the world that we live in.


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