America's Giving Challenge: Why Every Gift Counts

The Global Fund for Women recently entered America's Giving Challenge on Facebook. The competition - sponsored by the Case Foundation, Parade magazine, and Facebook Causes - uses the connective nature of social online media to help individuals make a collective impact, with a final cause receiving $50,000, and daily winners receiving $500 - $1000. The AGC slogan, "Anyone can change the world," demonstrates the underlying premise for the competition. The winner isn't determined by the amount of money raised; instead, the final award is given to the cause with greatest number of individual donations and engagements over the 30-day period, ending on November 7th.

Parade Magazine recently ran an article on the collective impact of giving, saying "charitable foundations would rather have a million people donate $1 each than have a handful of people write big checks, because that means millions of us are getting involved." Even in tough economic times, the statement rings true. This current online "challenge" isn't about the amount of money an organization earns; instead, it's about the global online community championing a cause, sharing information & educating friends. It shows that when people learn more about an issue, they begin to question current norms, challenge the status quo and fight for equality and change. As one of these nonprofits, the Global Fund for Women is very grateful for its members and supporters, online and offline. We are thankful for our 3,000+ members on Facebook Causes, our Facebook Fans and our Twitter followers. We appreciate your stories, tweets, opinions, links, photos, donations and status updates. Most importantly though, we enjoy that you're talking and sharing this passion about issues important to you.

If you would like to learn more about America's Giving Challenge and help the Global Fund for Women win $50,000, please click here.


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