Haitian Grantee: “I Survived”

A Haitian woman and child in a refugee camp
A Haitian woman and child in a refugee camp


Yesterday, we heard back from Nadine Louis, one of our grantee partners and head of Foundation TOYA, a grantee partner in Haiti that works on economic justice for Haitian women:

“I am writing today to inform you that I survived the tragedy…. I could not contact you before because my bag with my cell phone and my laptop were destroyed in the earthquake debris. Foundation TOYA’s office was destroyed by the earthquake. My husband was injured he was in level four of his office when the building fall down but God save him I had a sprained foot because i jumped from the balcony to escape the crashing building and I couldn't walk. I would like to reassure you that everything is better now. But, unfortunately we lost a member of the Foundation TOYA, she was pregnant and her house fell on her. Some of our staff have lost their homes and all their goods. by tomorrow we will begin an internal evaluation to measure the loss of the Foundation TOYA.Thank you for your support because I just read all the emails you sent to me everywhere around the world. Continue to pray for our country remains very fragile!”

As we were about to publish this blog, we also just had word from Kòdinasyon Solidarite Fanm Djanm Sid (KOSOFADS) or Dynamic Women of the South Solidarity Network. KOSOFADS works is a GFW grantee partner based in Les Cayes, in the southern part of Haiti and works on a range of issues impacting Haitian women’s rights there. In a note to the Americas team, the group shared that they are still operational and survived the impact as they were farther away from where the earthquake hit. They are currently receiving and helping survivors.

We are grateful to hear from Nadine and our sisters at KOSOFADS. We will continue to keep the GFW community updated.

Find out more about Foundation TOYA and other GFW grantees in Haiti.


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