Funding a Global Movement to End Violence Against Women

Highlights of recent Global Fund for Women grantees challenging violence.

San Francisco, CA—On January 31st, 2011, the Global Fund for Women Board approved $1.8 million in grants to 128 women's rights groups in 64 countries around the world.

“Women are challenging violence by first making it visible and then resisting pressure from their communities to ignore or accept violence as normal. It is remarkable how women continually find innovative ways to end violence against women and girls. Some engage directly with religious leaders, while others fight for laws that protect women,” - Dr. Zeina Zaatari, Regional Director for Middle East and North Africa.

Kharkove Gender Resource Center protests gender-based violence

While our grantees work to improve all aspects of women's human rights, we're highlighting the work of women challenging gender-based violence as it remains a critical priority for feminist activism and is among our core funding priorities. Here are a few examples of the diverse ways in which our grantee partners are contributing to a powerful global women's movement to end gender-based violence:

  • In Ukraine, the Kharkov Gender Resource Center established the nation's first Gender Museum and toured its large-scale exhibition, “World Without Violence,” across the country and globally to raise public awareness of the issue. Grant in this docket: $14,000
  • In Southeast Nigeria, the Center for the Eradication of All Forms of Violence Against Women, a network of our grantees, is transforming traditional societal values that perpetuate gender violence by educating and engaging traditional and religious leaders to become allies in the movement to end gender violence. Grant in this docket: $9,000
  • Our first ever grantee in the Maldives, the Maldivian Network on Violence Against Women is promoting women's local political participation as a way to advance laws and policies that protect women. Grant in this docket: $9,000
  • In Argentina, the Instituto de Género, Derecho y Desarrollo, builds links between the indigenous and women’s movements to learn from each other and work collaboratively to end gender violence. Grant in this docket: $10,000
  • In Egypt, Nadim Center in Egypt addresses violence against women at the individual and systemic level by providing counseling and legal aid services to women survivors of domestic and state violence while advocating for protective laws. Grant in this docket: $52,000 over two years

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