December Grant Cycle: Over $1.6 million Awarded To Groups in 55 Countries

Last month, Global Fund completed the second of its four docket cycles for the 2008-09 fiscal year. We’re honored to support the efforts of women in Chad who are pressing their government to be more responsive to women’s legal rights in the areas of marriage and land ownership, women in Bolivia who have created a new women’s fund to advance women’s rights, and women throughout Asia who are shining a light on the myriad ways that conflict affects their lives.

mujeres.jpgAmericas: Mujeres Habitadas, in Argentina, works to achieve gender equality and eradicate all forms of violence against women. The group provides workshops, popular education and psychological services for low-income women and promotes a culture of non-violence through carrying out training on crisis intervention and domestic violence prevention. Through its campaigns, the group gives visibility to the fact that violence against women is not only physical or psychological but also political, sexual, emotional, and economic. Grant from GFW: $15,000 (Total: $22,000)

FIDA.jpgAfrica: The International Federation of Women Lawyers-Anambra, based in southeast Nigeria, received a grant for its widows’ rights legal defense initiative. FIDA runs a family law center that has provided free legal services for over 5,000 women. The group notes that over 60 percent of women seeking services are widows whose property rights has been violated by a family member or have been forced to endure humiliating widowhood rites. Grant from GFW: $20,000 (Total: $28,000)

HKWWA.jpgAsia: Hong Kong Women Workers Association was formed by union organizers, laborers, and social workers to address the specific issues of women workers, such as rights in the workplace, maternity leave, child care, and the right of women to work for wages. Through organizing, education, awareness raising and policy advocacy, HKWWA works with other women’s and labor groups to encourage legislation that can better protect women workers’ rights. Grant from GFW: $20,000 (Total: $42,500)

LORI.jpgEurope and the Commonwealth of Independent States: The Lesbian Organisation Rijeka lobbies for tolerance and acceptance of homosexuals in Croatia, provides support and counseling to its members, and aims to eradicate discrimination based on sexual orientation. The group conducts research on public perception and media representation of the LGBTIQ community, organizes awareness campaigns for LGBTIQ rights, and operates an information center that services the LGBTIQ community. Grant from GFW: $40,000 (Total: $99,000)

Middle East and North Africa: In Mauritania, El Wafa focuses on income generating activities and on literacy programs that target women. The group has helped to replant 15 hectares on land in its efforts against desertification. El Wafa also provides free computer literacy classes to young girls who were unable to finish school and dispenses water, food and milk to women and children in its region. Grant from GFW: $10,000 (Total: $14,000)


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