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Members of Women Link Worldwide in Colombia.
Members of Women Link Worldwide in Colombia.


San Francisco, CA — As funds dry up for reproductive health worldwide and as the U.S. Congress threatens to de-fund Planned Parenthood, the Global Fund for Women gave over $1.75 million in grants to 129 women-led groups in 59 countries around the world in our spring docket. Over 40% of these grants were distributed among women’s groups working to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights for women.

“Across the world, there is a clear offensive against the reproductive and sexual rights of women. Women’s rights groups are fighting back by amplifying their voices to demand reproductive justice, which includes their right to health and to make fully informed decisions regarding their body and every aspect of their lives.”  - Erika Guevara-Rosas, Regional Director for the Americas

Crucial to women's human rights is the absolute right of every woman to make her own decisions about her body and her sexuality. Women around the world face repressive efforts by governments, religious institutions and society to control their sexual and reproductive autonomy, from early marriage to forced sterilization. Global Fund for Women grantee partners do the essential work of making sure women in every society can make choices free of discrimination, coercion and violence.

In Colombia, a group of savvy lawyers with Women’s Link Worldwide is litigating major national and international cases to secure women’s legal rights to access to emergency contraception and abortion. By training and mentoring young lawyers from throughout the region, they are ensuring that women’s reproductive rights are secured throughout the Americas and well into the future. Grant in this docket: $20,000

In Russia, where not a single government program addresses the reproductive rights of women with disabilities, the Center of Social Support for Women is training women with disabilities on their sexual and reproductive health and rights. Grant in this docket: $9,000

During the massive floods in Pakistan, Shirkat Gah worked to ensure that women’s reproductive health needs were not ignored during emergency relief. The group provides training, conducts workshops and supports women to access available health services. Grant in this docket: $30,000

In Palestine, Qalqilia Women Empowerment Program prevents girls from being forced into early marriage and motherhood by promoting their education and building up their sense of empowerment, which helps them delay marriage prospects. Grant in this docket: $8,000

Namibia’s Women’s Health Network advocates against the forced sterilization of HIV positive women. The Network has documented over 200 cases of women sterilized against their will in public hospitals in Namibia. Grant in this docket: $9,000

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