Changing Spaces: Civic Leadership

Grantee partners in Fiji encourage the involvement of young women activists at policy-making forums.

San Francisco, CA — During a time of revolutionary civic transformations, Global Fund for Women grantees are engaging in public spheres once dominated by men, and challenging discriminatory laws and unjust cultural practices that keep women oppressed.

The Global Fund for Women recently provided $2.57 million in grants to 162 women-led organizations in 68 countries. One in three grants supported women’s groups working to build an active citizenry that includes women’s full political and civic participation.

In a pastoral community in rural Uganda, where animals rank higher than women, one grantee challenges the status quo. The Pastoral Women Alliance to Break Cultural Chains is working to reform discriminatory cultural practices, such as wife inheritance and polygamy. With support from the Global Fund, the Pastoral Women Alliance is educating police, church leaders, and youth on constitutional laws around women’s rights. Grant in this docket: $15,000

“Long gone are the days when women’s work was confined to the walls of her home. Women are now key decision-makers whose active civic participation is vital to transforming their societies. This is the work of realizing their rights, which upholds the rights of all.”  - Violeta Krasnic, Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zene to Mogu uses Global Fund support to provide reliable information about the 2003 Law on Gender Equality by organizing workshops on how women can promote adherence to the law in rural areas. At these workshops, women and civil society officials learn how to monitor and implement the gender equality law, which prohibits discrimination, gender-based violence and sexual harassment. Grant in this docket: $8,000

In Israel, the Working Group for Equality in Personal Status is making steps to ensure that Palestinian women have equal access to civil laws, and challenging practices that harm women, such as early marriage. With support from Global Fund, the Palestinian-women led initiative works to make the Israeli justice system more equitable by advocating for the nomination of women judges to civil Family Courts and religious Shari’a courts. Grant in this docket: $48,000 over two years

In the Pacific Islands, the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement trains young Pacific women to participate in policy-making forums, a critical step to strengthening women’s participation in Fiji’s transitional justice process post-coup. Their Young Women in Leadership program builds the self-esteem of the next generation of leaders through self-defense and assertiveness training. Grant in this docket: $30,000

In Ecuador, the Coordinadora Juvenil por la Equidad de Género campaigns for the inclusion of a feminist youth perspective in national and international policy. This network of young feminists between the ages of 15 and 29 uses Global Fund support to advocate on their own behalf for adolescent sexual and reproductive rights. Grant in this docket: $20,000

Whether advocating for progressive laws, or raising civic awareness through education, Global Fund for Women grantees are empowering women to become informed and engaged citizens.

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