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tam_web1The challenges facing Palestinian women living under occupation are often obscured by political talk, but thanks to Palestinian feminists at Women, Media and Development (Tanmiyet wa i'lam al-mar'a – TAM) women in the West Bank and Gaza have a chance to express their voice.

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To shed light on the impact of Israeli military checkpoints and local government corruption, this Global Fund grantee partner teamed up with researchers to gather almost 100 stories from women in the West Bank who faced discrimination and hostility because of their religion or politics. These interviews were aired on local television stations and screened at community centers and NGOs, reaching over 2,500 people.

“There is a great opportunity to use media as a tool to give women a voice, a face and complete representation of their lives,” says TAM.Interviews conducted by TAM show how violence resulting from the ongoing occupation and war, coupled with patriarchal restrictions and religious policing, directly affect women. To fight back, TAM trains both men and women to produce media - such as video and blogs - that show women as equal partners in society. In fact, in 2009, young women trained by TAM launched the first blog created by women journalists in Palestine.


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