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The Global Fund for Women is pleased to announce the appointment of Jane Sloane as the new Vice President of Programs. Jane will start later this summer.


Global Fund for Women President and CEO, Musimbi Kanyoro says, “Jane’s global experience in organizational management, strategic partnerships, policy and program design will accelerate our work as true catalysts of change. Jane embraces the future of where we are going. We will be speaking more boldly about our collective impact; taking into account the experience of 25 years and $100 million in grantmaking to women-led organizations.”

Jane currently serves as Vice President of Development with Women’s World Banking (WWB) in New York City – an organization that, through its 39 network partners, provides microfinance and to 26 million people, 80% of whom are women. Jane said her WWB experience revealed the importance of integrating financial literacy and access to savings with education and health programs and that autonomy begins with economic autonomy.

“We need a new economic model with gender equality at the center. We need to value - and measure - care giving and make this visible. We need to create supply and demand for labor and we need a model of growth with employment. We need to give women the economic autonomy to escape from domestic violence. We need to make better use of women’s education and we need to advocate for greater flexibility of male and female roles in order to best support women across the globe to thrive rather than just survive.”

“We need a new economic model with gender equality at the center.”

Prior to WWB, Jane was Executive Director of the International Women’s Development Agency. One of her major achievements was leading an Asia Pacific Breakthrough initiative with the Women, Faith and Development Alliance that attracted almost $1.2 billion in funding commitments to benefit women and girls in the Asia Pacific region.

In addition to her to her professional qualifications, Jane brings visibility to the Pacific and the small island states, many of which have been long-time grantees of the Global Fund for Women.

“As an Australian, I’ve spent a lot of time with Aboriginal women and I’ve learnt a great deal about their Dreaming stories,” says Jane, “This includes ‘Seven Sisters Dreaming’ a myth about a group of stars visible in the night sky and also known in Aboriginal culture as feisty, fun and fabulous females for whom the sky was not the limit. The Global Fund has the ability to bring together so many geographically and culturally diverse organizations, and to galvanize the efforts of these organizations so they can have far greater impact collectively than they would individually.”

Jane was also the founding CEO of the Social Entrepreneurs Network and has held executive positions for several social sector organizations including World Vision and Marie Stopes International.

Jane holds a Masters degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Sydney and a BA (Hons History) from the University of Adelaide. She serves on the Board of the International Women’s Funding Network and is a Patron of Marie Stopes International.

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