Your Signature Delivered to the UN


Global Fund for Women is excited to share that we delivered your signatures to the office of the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon.

Thousands of people like you signed our petition, demanding world leaders make ending sexual violence a top priority. Secretary-General Ban and his colleagues heard your demands. This month, during the Commission on the Status of Women, the Secretary-General said:

"A new movement involving millions of people is taking shape before our eyes: saying no to silence, no to stigma, no to sexual violence in conflict, and YES to equality and empowerment. I am with them 100 percent.”

Ban Ki-Moon wasn't the only one listening. Under pressure from people in India and around the world, the Indian government approved a tougher sex crime law.

We are at a global crossroads, and now is the time to support local women's organizations so they can continue to advocate for new laws and work with their governments to implement them.


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