Nicaraguan Women Protest Abortion Ban

Last Friday, Nicaragua's new President Enrique Bolaños signed one of Latin America's most restrictive abortion measures into law. The measure has created controversy as it does not allow for abortions necessary to protect the pregnant woman's life.

This decision jeopardizes the lives of thousands of women at. We believe that is a woman's right to have access, education and resources necessary to make informed choices about their health and reproduction.

Nicaraguan human rights groups, such as Global Fund for Women grantee Movimiento de Mujeres Autónomas de Ciudad Sandino (Movement of Independent Women of Sandino City) have been working to advocate for women's right to have therapeutic, or medically necessary, abortions. Women's groups across the region are working together to promote a deeper understanding of how such coercive measures only increase the burden on women and their children.


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