Sustainable Feminism

kavita_serbia_clipDuring the Global Fund's outreach trip to the Balkans this fall, President and CEO Kavita Ramdas, met with Orlanda Obad, a reporter with Croatia's Jutarnji List, a daily paper published in the capital city Zagreb.

The reporter asked Kavita about how the Global Fund for Women fundraises and the ethics that guide the organization.

Here are some highlights:

Feminism promoted by Kavita Ramdas, an Indian women who holds a Master's degree in International relations from Princeton, is in no way the castrated version shown on American TV today: women accepted by the society so now they have a choice of specialized commercials, their type of car and the politically correct vocabulary.

Women, today, need fairer division of labor at home, working environment that supports them and their families. "We want to show that we can transform the society, that women can be leaders and that they can offer alternatives. That is exactly what we are doing. We fund the right of women to talk about all the problems (facing the world)."

Special thanks to our intern Vanja Danilovic for translating the article into English.


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