$1.6 Million Granted in October 2006

The Global Fund for Women is pleased to announce our autumn grants! After evaluating hundreds of proposals, we have awarded $1.6 million to 125 women's rights organizations in 58 countries. With 59 new grantees this fall, we wanted to highlight some of these remarkable organizations.


Féderation des Femmes pour la Paix et le Développement (Women's Federation for Peace and Development) is a leader in advocating for effective punishment against perpetrators of sexual violence in Eastern Congo and for the restoration of a legal framework that is accessible to women. Our $7,000 grant will help them to lobby the International Criminal Court for further criminalization of sexual violence crimes committed in the Congo and ensure the implementation of the Congo's new anti-sexual violence laws.

Women's Rights Watch in Nigeria uses an electronic newsletter and a website to challenge violations of women's rights and has built an online network of over 1,400 subscribers. The group also publishes an annual report of the status of women's rights in Nigeria. The group complements its work through a legal department that takes on cases of land and property rights violations and has built a reputation as one of the most effective advocacy bodies in Nigeria. We are proud to grant them $20,000 over the next two years.


The Fondo de Mujeres del Sur (Southern Women's Fund) is an emerging women's fund based in Córdoba, Argentina which supports projects that promote the development and empowerment of women in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay including indigenous women, women of African descent, and migrants. We are proud to grant them $16,000 to support their work.

Comité Local de Quibdó de la Red Nacional de Mujeres Afrocolombianas (Quibdó Local Committee of the National Afro-Colombian Women's Network) was created in 2004 in Quibdó, Chocó, a conflict-ravaged region on the western coast of Colombia. The mission of the committee is to promote the training, leadership, participation and development of Afro-Colombian women through fostering communication and the protection of human rights based on the principles of solidarity and equality. The group offers workshops to train women to voice their concerns in various political and public forums on local and national level. The group also makes a deliberate effort to include young women in its leadership. The Global Fund is supporting their work with an $11,000 grant.

Asia and Oceania

UTTHAN offers psychological trauma counseling and vocational training to women and girls following the 10-year-long civil conflict between the Maoists and the Nepal government. We are proud to support their vital work with a $3,000 grant.

The National Women's Collective of Sri Lanka spearheads the country's first women's monitoring group, which advocates for the rights of women in tsunami-affected villages within US government-funded relief projects. We are supporting their work with a $10,000 grant.

Europe and the Former Soviet States
Centre for War Victims—ROSA in Croatia has grown from a small non governmental organization opposing violence against women during war into a coalition working on anti-war and anti-violence issues. This is the year of evaluation for ROSA, a long term grantee, which is requesting support to research and analyze the history of feminist organizing "against patriarchy, war and nationalism" in Croatia and the Balkans. We are proud to have awarded ROSA a $19,500 grant.

Mtsvane Bilike is the first group in Georgia addressing the needs of women and girls with speech, hearing and visual impairments. The group uses an integrative approach of increasing access to education and economic opportunities, as well as civic and political participation for women with disabilities. The Global Fund awarded the group a $5,000 grant.

Middle East and North Africa

The Egyptian Center for Women's Rights plays a crucial role in promoting women's participation in the political process. It runs a school training women leaders how to create and run an election campaign. The group produced a report on women's participation in the recent local elections in Egypt and on the violations and discrimination that women suffered. The Global Fund's $10,000 grant will help the group focus efforts towards advocacy and awareness on issues surrounding violence against women and sexual harassment.

The Iraqiyat Studies Center was recently established by a group of women activists aiming to conduct research on women's conditions in Iraq during wartime to act as the basis for advocacy and public education. The Global Fund awarded the group a $15,000 grant.


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