Taking A Stand for Migrant Rights!

As a gesture of solidarity and support for migrant rights in the United States and around the world, the Global Fund for Women closed its offices Monday, May 1, International Worker's Day, and participated in local demonstrations.

The United States is in the throes of a major debate about the rights of immigrants. The Global Fund for Women believes that the human rights of immigrants must prevail. Issues of migration are closely connected to those of globalization, trafficking and poverty—core concerns of our mission. Women, who risk their bodies and lives to cross borders, currently make up the majority of migrants in the world, and yet, their work is rarely recognized or valued.

As a gesture of support and solidarity with all immigrants in the US and across the world, the Global Fund has decided to close our offices on May 1, International Worker's Day. On this day, migrant rights activists are mobilizing rallies, marches and protests across the nation. Staff members and supporters will be representing the Global Fund in two such marches in the Bay Area.

May 1 Actions in the Bay Area

May 1 Actions Nationwide

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