The Tsunami Learning Project

Two years after the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami of December 2004 -- the deadliest natural disaster in recorded history -- communities still struggle with the aftermath. Today, grassroots women's groups in Aceh, Indonesia are using grants from the Global Fund for Women to continue the rebuilding process in innovative ways.

Founded days after the tsunami hit by Acehnese women, Pusat Pemberdayaan Perempuan, is using Global Fund support to organize female "small traders" who make their living selling wares on the sidewalks around the central market in Banda Aceh. Another grantee,  Yayasan Keulama, has combined humanitarian relief efforts with human rights advocacy, and is working to to challenge what the group describes as the unquestioned, and increasingly strict, application of Islamic Sharia in ways that severely limit women's rights in post-tsunami Aceh.

The Global Fund for Women's post-tsunami grantmaking is profiled in a new report, released by Grantmakers Without Borders that explores social change and human rights-based responses to natural disasters.


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