Russian Crisis Centers for Women

This month the Global Fund will be sending over $1.5 million to 129 women's human rights organizations around the world. We'll be profiling some of these groups on our blog throughout the month of January.

Our program staff for Europe and the Former Soviet States are proud to send $299,300 this month to 23 organizations in 17 countries in their region. Notable among these groups is The Association of Russian Crisis Centers for Women "Stop Violence."

Since 1994 the Global Fund has supported this group as they work to end domestic violence. In Russia, where violence is often considered a private family matter and not a human rights issue, every fourth woman experiences violence. The Association works to support women who experience violence and to change the culture through a network of 80 non-governmental centers located in 40 cities throughout Russia. Through this network the Association not only works to prevent domestic violence, but also to address sexual violence, trafficking, and provide assistance to women who experience gender discrimination and violence. The Association lobbies for women's rights in both federal and local arenas, and uses mass media to raise awareness about violence against women. In addition to providing services, the network serves as a resource and methodological center for nonprofit organizations conducting regular research and studies.

The Global Fund's $20,000 grant will help the Association start a mobile-phone hotline, develop their website, and create an online forum for those working towards creating a Russia without violence.


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