What Has Changed in Iraq?

Yesterday was the 4th Anniversary of U.S.A. invasion to Iraq. 48 months or 220 weeks or 1461 days. In Iraq we count the time like prisoners do.

What has changed between the 3rd and 4th Anniversary? A lot has changed! Thousands of Iraqis were alive breathing air in March 2006 while in March 2007 they are no where. Even there are no graves in their names! In March 2006 there was no displacement for families in Iraq, while in March 2007 there are thousands of Iraqi families live as refugees in their country!

In another 365 days we will have the 5th Anniversary of invasion. May I ask each one of you, please draw a picture in your mind how do you vision Iraq in one year, or how do you vision America in one year, or how do you vision the world in one year!!!?

After one year let us share what our drawings look like?

Naba S. Hamid is the Executive Director of New Horizon for Women, a Global Fund grantee in Baghdad. Founded in 2003, the group works to increase women and girls' participation in the legislative process.


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