Girl Child Network Vows to Fight Rapists

After receiving death threats from government officials, Betty Makoni, the director of Global Fund grantee, The Girl Child Network, in Zimbabwe, spoke with reporters about her determination to continue defending the rights of children. Makoni, winner of the Global Friends Award and the World Children's Prize for the Rights of the Child for 2007, told the Zim Daily:

"As GCN we are and will not fear naming and shaming high profile people that have raped innocent children. We will fight hard to protect them (girls) and boys from all forms of abuse in the country without looking at the perpetrator's political and social muscles. It's disappointing that a number of both ZANU PF and MDC political gurus have at one time been arraigned before the courts on rape charges without fair justice given to the poor child. It's now high time that we name and expose them."

Read the whole article on Zim Daily.


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