Attacks Against Women's Rights Defenders

The Global Fund for Women expresses its serious concern and condemns the acts of violence committed against women's rights activists. We are deeply concerned by the recent attacks to our sister organization ASOCIACION DE MUJERES IXQIK in Guatemala, in particular the murder of women's human rights activist Maria Cristina Gómez and her son José Corado Gómez, as well as by the suspected sabotage of Mexican feminist Lydia Cacho's vehicle in what is feared was an attempt on her life.

The Global Fund for Women maintains close collaboration with brave women in different parts of the world. We have been witnesses to their struggle to build peace in their countries and globally and to protect women's human rights, and we have recognized these efforts through the mobilization of financial resources in support of their activities promoting a woman's right to live without violence. Maria Cristina and Lydia's work serves as an example, locally and internationally, of peace-building and as an effective response to the problem of violence against women and girls.

We urgent by call on the authorities of Guatemala and Mexico to carry out the pertinent investigations required to bring about justice in the murder of Maria Cristina Gómez, and her son José Corado Gómez, and in the suspected murder attempt against Lydia's life, as well as to protect the human rights of Lydia Cacho, the women who work with the Asociación Ixqik, their families and other persons involved in their activities, offering the protection necessary to safeguard their lives and physical integrity. We ask that the authorities work to prevent future acts of violence that may be attempted against the women of the organization, and against women in Guatemala and Mexico in general. We call on them also to ensure that the right of women to promote and defend Women's Human Rights is respected and guaranteed.

The Global Fund for Women continues to stand in solidarity with Lydia Cacho and Asociación Ixqik in their cause and to support their efforts to defend the human rights of women and girls.

Erika Guevara Rosas is the Global Fund's Program Officer for the Americas.

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