Victory for Zimbabwean Women

Its confirmed!! We now have a Domestic Violence Prevention and Protection of Victims Act of 2007!!!

Congratulations to all who worked tirelessly for this. What's next? Very brief celebrations and back to the drawing board. We have literally won a piece of paper that says domestic violence is illegal in Zimbabwe.

How do we translate this law into reality for those suffering domestic violence?

Who are the stakeholders we need to target? (The police, judiciary, women, girls, men boys, communities, leaders, funding partners etc.)

How do we get resources to do this massive capacity building?

How do we change attitudes?  (Blame the victim approach...)

How do we dispel the myths? (Beating your wife is a true sign of love...)

How does the law deliver justice for us?

How do we ensure the National Gender Policy is implemented?

Lets celebrate briefly during International Women's Day and go back to the drawing board to answer these and more questions. The struggle continues.

Netsai Mushonga is a coordinator of the Women's Coalition of Zimbabwe, a Global Fund grantee.

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