More Students Give To The Global Fund

Seventh-grade students from Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School in Palo Alto recently joined a growing and thriving community of a younger generation who come together, despite busy schedules, to raise money for the Global Fund.  As we recognize the efforts of students around the country collectively learning about and practicing philanthropy in their schools, we'd like to acknowledge and thank the students of Gideon Hausner for joining in these efforts to benefit our grantees worldwide!

Seventh-graders from the Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School in Palo Alto received a hands-on lesson in philanthropy over the course of several months. Students researched nonprofit organizations and learnt how philanthropists choose the organizations they support, then worked together to pool their own contributions for these causes, generously sourced from Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations and activities such as baby-sitting and letter writing.

Their philanthropic project, which began in September, culminated a few weeks ago during their celebration of Tzedakah ceremony. At the ceremony, students presented a total of $57,000 to 46 groups, and among them was the Global Fund for Women. 

At the Global Fund, such remarkable initiatives inspire and make us additionally grateful to be doing this work. We commend this emerging young generation of philanthropists.  To read more about students giving to the Global Fund, please visit our May archive (link to blog archive).


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