Serbian Global Fund Grantees Speak at San Francisco Pride

zagreb-prideThe last weekend of June found LGBTIQ communities around the world celebrating pride with the enthusiasm that has marked pride marches historically. We are excited to share that at this year’s pride march in San Francisco, two of our grantee partners from the Serbian group Autonomous Women's Center participated and spoke at the Dyke March attended by several thousand members of the bay area’s queer community along with numerous allies.

Tijana Popivoda and Lepa Mladjenovic from the Serbian chapter of AWC, a Global Fund grantee in Serbia that works to end violence against women, inspired the audience with their moving speeches. They drew vital attention to the widespread homophobia that persists in several countries of the world, and especially in countries in Eastern Europe. “The question of visibility is a question of our lesbian existence. In the country where I live, Serbia, as well as in most other places in the world, visibility can mean that we risk our lives,” remarked Tijana.  They reminded the audience of the homophobia that lesbians in different countries of the world from India to Kyrgyzstan, continue to endure and resist fearlessly. Full transcripts of Tijana and Lepa’s speeches are available online.

Meanwhile, our grantee partner Queer Zagreb, part of the Zagreb Pride organizing committee, shared exciting updates about how the LGBTIQ community celebrated pride in Zagreb, Croatia. In an email, they highlighted how representatives from four parliamentary parties and a member of the European Parliament, in a historic showing of political support, participated in the ceremonies. In addition to Queer Zagreb, several other Global Fund grantees along with hundreds of people participated in the march from all over the Balkans. Check out clips from the rally online  and visit Zagreb Pride’s web site.

You can also visit Zagreb Pride's community on Facebook.


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