Recognizing Collective Leadership As A Model: Kavita Ramdas at The Stanford Roundtable On Leadership


A sunny Saturday morning at Stanford drew together an illustrious panel of global leaders to discuss and re-evaluate conventional notions of leadership in the 21st century. Moderated by noted journalist Tom Brokaw, the panel included Kavita Ramdas, President and CEO of the Global Fund, Jeff Raikes, CEO of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, and Congressman Xavier Becerra among others. The discussion sought to examine the models of leadership we need in a 21st century plagued by wars and conflict; and economic and ecological catastrophes.

KNR-StanfordWidely attended by Stanford alumni and students, the roundtable quickly gathered high interest and momentum when Kavita made a strong point in her introduction, in favor of collective leadership over conventional western models of individual leadership. “We need to recognize that we lead as collectives, and we need to detach the notion of a hero from a leader,” emphasized Kavita. Be it in the favelas of Brazil or inner neighborhoods of Chicago, there are extraordinary leaders everywhere, she noted. But they are extraordinary because they follow a collaborative, and a partnership model of leadership.

Watch the entire round table for an inspiring and a thought-provoking discussion of how we as a society need to re-evaluate and re-consider conventional notions of leadership. Also check out blogs by inspired members of the audience who walked away with much food for thought on leadership:

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