Global Fund's Board Member Mayan Villalba Wins Entrepreneurship Award

MayanVillalbaMayan Villalba, one of our board members and director of Unlad Kabayan Migrant Services Foundation, a migrant rights advocacy organization, was named Social Entrepreneur for 2007 at the Phillipines Entrepreneur of the Year awards held this month.

Mayan won the award in the Social Entrepreneur category "for applying a practical, innovative, and market-oriented approach to her business through creation of products and services that address the challenges faced by communities, help solve complex social problems, and benefit the marginalized and the poor." Mayan was also lauded for "making critical linkages between the migration of overseas Filipino workers to local community development by harnessing migrants’ resources through credit programs and eventually investing these in local social enterprises or commercial businesses."

This year, 15 winners in different categories were chosen from different industries and sectors, from all over the Philippines. The Entrepreneur of the Year was founded in the United States by professional services firm Ernst & Young in 1986 to recognize the achievements of successful and innovative entrepreneurs. Learn more about Mayan Villalba


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