Warm Post Election Greetings from the Global Fund for Women!

As we approach the end of this extraordinary Presidential Election week in the USA, all of  us at the Global Fund for Women are moved by the sense of historic transformation and the possibilities that are ushered in by the election of Barack Hussein Obama, who will be the new President of the United States of America.

For eight long and painful years, women, men and children around the world have suffered the wide reaching impact of the  Bush administration's lies, deceit, abuse of power and growing militarism.  Brutal wars have been waged in both Afghanistan and Iraq with little regard for the needs and concerns of the innocent civilians who continue to bear the brunt of the violence, destruction, and dislocation. Even as it claimed to liberate the women of Afghanistan and Iraq, women's rights in the US and around the world were attacked by a government that denied women access to contraception, family planning, and other reproductive rights.  The Bush administration withheld payments to the UN Fund for Population Activities and forbade US development aid from being used to support abortion referrals or services to women, even as we witnessed growing sexual violence against women in places like Congo and Darfur and as HIV/AIDS continued to disproportionately harm women and girls.

Barack Obama now faces extraordinary challenges  in repairing and healing the wounds inflicted by the former administration both at home and abroad. At the Global Fund for Women, we were flooded with emails wishing the President-elect and the people of the United States success in this mission. Not since right after 9/11, has the Global Fund for Women seen such an outpouring of solidarity and support.  From Kosovo to Morocco to Pakistan, from Brazil to Cambodia and Zimbabwe, the women of the world are sending their hopes and prayers that this time it will be different.

As one group from Kenya put it, "Warm greetings and best wishes from Tumaini Self Help Group in western Kenya. We wish to join you in celebrating the just ended peaceful and very democratic elections.  Thank you for the work well done.We wish you the best and enjoyable leadership that is favourable to women movements.It is our hope that the Global Fund for Women will advance even more during the new leadership of president Obama."

We agree -  may we look forward to leadership that is favourable to women's movements, economic, environmental and social justice, and peace not just for the USA, but for the whole world.  And may we continue to hold governments accountable to the people who have placed such trust in their leadership.

in solidarity and with the audacity of hope,

Kavita N. Ramdas
President and CEO

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