Global Fund Demands Restoration of Democracy in Honduras

The Global Fund for Women expresses its serious concern and condemns the military’s intervention and crimes against civilians in Honduras. The military coup constitutes an attack on the Honduran democracy. We are deeply concerned at reports of increasing violence against civilians opposing militarism. Over the past days, civil society organizations have documented repeated violations of human rights in Honduras including the violent suppression of civilians’ demonstrations and protests, military attacks on communities, and detentions and disappearances, among others.

Women’s rights organizations and feminist activists in Honduras and in other countries in the region are demanding the restitution of democracy and the respect of human rights in the country. The Global Fund for Women maintains close collaboration with brave women in Honduras who have intensely worked to defend democracy, peacefully resist the consequences of militarism and claim justice. We have recognized these efforts through the mobilization of financial resources in support of their activities promoting human rights.

Latin America and the Caribbean have the ignominious record of being the region with the largest number of military coups in the world, which has been the cause of political instability and extreme inequality. The Global Fund for Women joins the demands for the restitution of democracy and strongly condemns the military coup in Honduras. We also urge people to pronounce against the aggressions to Honduran people’s rights. Download a pdf of the political statement of the Feminist Movement in Honduras (Spanish). arrow_on_white_s.gif

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