$2 Million Awarded in Grants

SAN FRANCISCO – The Global Fund for Women, the world’s largest foundation solely dedicated to women’s human rights, announces their largest grant docket to date: almost $2 million in grants to 152 extraordinary grassroots women’s groups from 68 different countries.

This docket consists of grants ranging from $2,000 to $70,000 to end gender-based violence, build peace, and increase access to education and economic opportunity.

The 152 grants in The Global Fund for Women’s third docket of this fiscal year total $1,982,986 and span the globe.  Broken down by region, grant allotments are: $324,000 to 39 groups in Africa (not including Northern Africa); $419,480 to 30 groups in the Americas; $655,806 to 29 groups in Asia/Oceania; $325,700 to 28 groups in Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States; and $258,000 to 26 groups in the Middle East/North Africa. 

Grantees include Omega Television, a private television station in Zambia that has successfully lobbied to include gender rights in the country’s constitution. Omega’s programming has led to the establishment of an inter-ministerial program on the sexual abuse of girls.

Another grantee, KADER, in Turkey, is dedicated to promoting women’s participation in government. Through the use of training programs and media campaigns, the group has successfully doubled women’s involvement in parliament since 1999.
NaNE (Women’s Rights Association), in Hungary, assists women and girls at risk of being trafficked; women and children experiencing violence; and other groups of vulnerable women such as refugees, by operating hotlines, providing legal counseling and training.

Bamidelê—Organização de Mulheres Negras na Paraìba (Bamidelê—Black Women’s Organization of Paraíba) works to strengthen the identity and self-esteem of black women in Brazil by collaborating with black women feminists of diverse social, popular and academic movements including undergraduate, graduate, master’s and doctoral students. Among the group’s achievements is the institutionalization of the Latin American and Caribbean Day of the Black Woman in the state of Paraìba, Brazil.  Other grants include organizations working to:

  • Improve childbirth conditions in Uganda;
  • Offer safe abortions in Costa Rica;
  • Fight for indigenous rights in Mexico; 
  •  Offer HIV/AIDS workshops and psychological counseling to sex workers in Bangladesh;
  • Help women with disabilities in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea;
  • Fund a women’s labor movement in Korea;

Teach women to read in Algeria; Over 20 years of funding grassroots women’s groups across the world, The Global Fund for Women has developed a deep network of international leaders and activists; these local to global connections allow The Global Fund for Women to reach women and organizations that others cannot. From villages to international forums, Global Fund’s grants allow women to change their own status and well-being.

The Global Fund for Women is a nonprofit grant making foundation that advances women’s human rights worldwide.  It is a network of women and men who raise funds from a variety of sources and make grants to women-led organizations that promote the economic security, health, safety, education and leadership of women and girls. www.globalfundforwomen.org.

*Docket list, interviews and photos of grantees available upon request.

See the Global Fund for Women video on YouTube.

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